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Sending pack of sending packages to will Joe. And a Robert deniro. I'm starting to get a profile of this person. You remember yesterday? We said it looks like an ISIS flag on the bomb while it's an ISIS parody flag. You know, right there in the middle of zoom in on it. It's like two naked women and they're facing each other. And it's it says get done, which of course, is the cat free catchphrase of Larry the cable guy. So here here's what I'm thinking. This is one of two people. This is some good old boy who loves Trump hates the left and is out there. Trying to make a point is obviously not trying to kill anybody because none of these bombs. Has gone all and I don't think they were ever intended to go off. We're now understanding that the whatever the white powder was it was sending with the CNN package to is harmless. So this is somebody that they're trying to scare people and trying to look like a good old boy or is a good old. Boy, Trump somebody's trying to look like it. And I don't know which really it seems rather odd that somebody who's trying to help Trump's 'cause would do this kind of stuff knowing that you're gonna create hysteria the in the mainstream media and the backlash is going to be against Trump about all this is all your fault with all your rhetoric and everything look I said yesterday, and I'll say again today. When Maxine mad Maxine takes responsibility for the shooting of Steve Scalise. Maybe we can talk. But I don't think she's responsible for some nutcase. Bernie Sanders guy. The wooden tried to kill Steve Scalise and others the baseball field. I do know that the rhetoric is getting heated. But most of the heat is from the left these days. These people are nuts, and you see them following folks in the restaurants and screaming at them. And then not dimension the antifa people out there who are violent. So. Yeah, there's a lot of madness going on. But it ain't Trump's fault by a long shot. And he keeps saying this. And then the mainstream media, folks. Oh, yeah. Well, we're not blaming him. But I'm but he needs to tamp down the rhetoric. Well, if you're not blaming him on his need to tamp down to rhetoric. His rhetoric is not violent. In the meantime, we have the New York Times, ladies and gentlemen, published a short story about assassinating President Donald Trump. This was Tuesday a day before the potentially explosive devices showed up at the addresses of multiple political figures, including Barack Obama. So could it be the New York Times has incited somebody to go nuts? That's certainly more likely, isn't it? New York Times asked novelist conjure possible outcomes to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of Russian meddling in the two thousand sixteen election for a Tuesday piece English thriller, novelist Zoe sharp wrote a short story, titled how it ends about a Russian assassin on a suicide mission who receives help from a secret service agent to kill Trump. A character who is working with the Russians and the story implies that Trump was handpicked to the highest possible level and must be silenced. And in the story the Russian assassins gun misfires when he rushes the president. But secret service agents do not shoot him. The secret service agents stood behind before him, presenting his Glock but first sharp road here. The agents said politely use mine. This is the ultimate fan fantasy piece for the left doesn't it? The secret service bumps off Trump. Sharp story is set after Muller's investigation indict subpoenas and even places under house arrest the president's campaign manager, then his lawyer Republican congressman former aides and family members story also contains what appears to be an allusion to Fox News. Says the channel wants snively referred to as state TV. Now delighted in showing longshots through the White House railings of men in uniforms removing boxes of incriminating paperwork. Well, I think that's actually CNN if the if they're delighted that's going to be CNN. The president himself was not in the residence. She writes, he was holed up on home ground sharp said she was honored that her story was one of the five chosen by the New York Times and a tweet Wednesday. Says honored to be in New York Times books this week along side Scott to row and Joe finder and Laura Lippman Jason Matthews. We were asked to write short fiction on what happens next to the US Russia's scene. I should have put one in there. Yeah. Trump is completely exonerated and the left loses their mind and tries to burn the country. Then that's my story. Daily caller reached out to the New York Times. But didn't receive a response at the time of publication, are you adding to the explosive rancor out there. So we have these bombs, and they're now at Robert deniro's place anvil Joe's place, and then Brennan out there. The one was sent to him and they misspelled his name and they misspelled, Debbie. What's your name shorts? You know, you know, is one of my listeners. Do they said return to Debbie? What's your name Scholz? That'd be a dead giveaway that it was one of our listeners. Former CIA director John Brennan, the target of one package sent to CNN fired back the first this is Trump at a morning tweets says, a very big part of the anger. We see today in our society is caused by the purposely faults in accurate reporting of the mainstream media referred to as fake news. It has gotten so bad and hateful that it is beyond description. Mainstream media must clean up its act fans. So John Brennan responded stop blaming others. Look in the mirror, you're inflammatory rhetoric. Insults. Lies and encouragement of physical violence are disgraceful cleanup Iraq, try act presidential. Says the curmudgeon from the Muppets show. The list of bombing targets spreading from New York, Delaware and Washington DC to Florida and California the explosive devices packed in envelopes with bubble wrap interiors bearing six stamps and the return address of Debbie what's your name Schultz? Has has the bomb sees the yesterday each with a small battery we're about six inches long and packed with powder and broken glass. According to law enforcement officials who viewed x Ray images, the official said the devices were made from PVC pipe and covered with black take. Now, let me let me just again. I'm no bomb expert. But this is what tells me that they know and they knew right off that these things were not meant to blow up because they opened them when you find a suspicious package like this where they normally do. They take him somewhere with a robot bomb what everything and then they put him somewhere in and they blow him up, right? Well, they didn't blow these up. They wanted to find out who sent this stupid thing. So they didn't blow him up. They open them up knowing that they weren't going to blow up because it's a hoax. The question is weird the hoax coming from? Is it coming from the right or the left? I if I had to bet I think it's a leftist posing as a Trump person. But I couldn't say for sure, but they are impersonating down to the getter done. Isis parody on there. A Trump supporter. I'm surprised at wasn't a maga- had in there. By the way, we trending again today from mega bomber let's see on Twitter. No, no, we're not. That's not trending today. Son of a gun, Robert deniro's, trending and Joe Biden's trending. But no, no hashtag mega bomber. Maybe they got sick of that. Hashtag. Anyway. So that's where we are on all this. It's rather strange. And here's what you're saying though. They're saying this bomber left a bunch of clues behind and they're not saying all they know. But they say they now know or they think they know where they came from in other words, where they originated based on postal stuff. You know? And I'm I'm gonna say this not trying to help anybody out there. But you see the postal stamp and all this other stuff. I would bet you there's something more to that. And some of you post office votes. Could maybe tell me this maybe it's classified. I bet. There's more to a postal marking, you know, post Stanton cancelation thing than meets the eye. There's probably a lot encoded in that that average people don't know. I would think. From ABC. Investigators examining exposed by high profile targeted will be working to lean forensics clues by who sent them gathering fingerprints and DNA evidence while tracking the origin of the packages and the components used to make the bonds that kind of DNA evidence, you know, what the left is. You know, they were so excited about it. I can't wait to send these things that Larry Johnson former head of criminal investigations for the US secret service also served as a special agent in charge of the presidential protective detail said the bombmakers usually leave evidence behind if there is a human involved, there's a high probability you're going to get somewhere investigative lay. There will be some there will be no stone left unturned. He says it's highly unlikely that the person or people who built the bombs have been previously flagged by law enforcement. The secret service maintains an extensive database. Of individuals and groups who have made past threats against the president or president or other top political leaders, either through letters or emails are on social media. He says a good percentage of the time. This is not the first time whoever's responsible for this will have stuck their neck out those looking to do revenge or harm to someone. It doesn't just come to them one day. Among the first steps they're going to be retracing, the path of the packages through the postal system or courier service used to deliver the postal service operates a sophisticated imaging system. And this might have noted today to they actually photograph the outside of every piece of mail, processed in the country in then amazing. They photograph the outside of every piece of mail processed in the country, and it can be used to determine the specific location where it was since. That's how federal officials were led to a woman who sent the poison rice in through the mail to Barack Obama. And then Michael Bloomberg in two thousand thirteen that she turned out to be a righty or a lefty, they wouldn't say here. I'm sure in these societas says she probably turned out to be some leftists nut gave the envelopes, and the packaging materials themselves are also closely scrutinize it will be a treasure trove of forensic evidence says Anthony Roman the private security in. Investigations consultant as human beings. We are filtering are off our DNA everywhere. We walk everywhere, we sit even the most careful bomber is likely leave behind genetic material that could be used to identify them, especially traces of sweat, saliva or skin cells. There also may be fingerprints are hair, and he said that investigators also be collecting all available video camera footage taken from where the packages were mailed and delivered as well as interviewing any potential witnesses in the area. Now, I heard somebody. I don't remember who it was on Fox News today. They said I will suggest to you that we will have somebody in handcuffs in twenty four hours. I think that was last night. So that should we'll see we'll see. And it's going to be very interesting to see who it is. Now, I'm gonna go ahead and tell you this upfront if it's some leftist out there, I'm not blaming Maxine Waters. Okay. I think her rhetoric is. Reckless. But I don't think she can be blamed for somebody doing something like this or even shooting Steve Scalise. I didn't blame Bernie Sanders. This guy was Bernie Sanders. Volunteer it shifted that kind of stuff gets no coverage whatsoever. When it's a leftist. So I'm just gonna go and tell you up front if we find out this is a crazy leftist who's trying to gin up support through Democrats for the November six election. I don't think it's anybody's fault. But his or her 's, and it's probably a he. If it turns out to be some crazy Trump supporter that ain't Trump. How many of you folks out? There are bombmakers make threats to folks and blow.

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