VA, Washington, Aspirin discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


Do you have a stake in this and usually there is some kind of stake in some kind of ownership of of private sector healthcare privatizing the as a bad idea it's not only a bad idea for veterans because they get great care from the va but it's also bad idea for the american people for american medicine many of the innoventions the innovations of occurred in american medicine have come from the va things like the first implantable cardiac pacemaker things like taking aspirin a day toward off heart disease things like brain gate where we put a censoring your brain and it can move your arm advances in prosthetics and others also the va trained seventy percent of the doctors in the country we have relationships with eighteen hundred medical schools it's a system omar bradley setup so who's going to train those doctors who's going to do that research in addition to those doctors who do that research and do that training also provide care to veterans and the veterans as a result get great care so privatizing the va is is not a good idea and as i said the majority of veterans and veterans groups don't want it and there is pressure on that subject which is animating some of the politics around the va and certainly there is certainly there is because of the complexity of the va because of its size because of the importance of its work frankly honestly because of the unusual fact that there is by partisan support for the va and va policymaking tends to be of a bipartisan nature which is a free which is a freak of nature in washington right now because so many things are different about the there's been debate about what is the right kind of experience from person to have in order to run an agency that big that important that complicated that different you had a business background you're a veteran you'd run a large organization before what did running the va tell you about your best way to get prepared to do something that hard i frankly sink prisoner i had it right you know he chose me historically republican to be part of his democratic.

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