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Yeah. That's right yes alarm later but no this i just yeah i. I completely agree. I think that like the first film home or like the film yeah the plot becomes pretty quickly incoherent at least for jim henson style yeah and so but i mean and so while they don't care while there might comics yeah while there might be some storytelling issues i mean i think if do you really think about it. Most fantasy shows and movies now disagree firm disagree okay. Let's just say in general aw most movies and t._v. Shows have some storytelling issues however most don't look as good as the dark crystal or feel as nearly as inspired aspired as this one does and so that i couldn't care less really like once you're you're in it. It's like my sister's cat is so cute and like loving and stephon entertaining but he's stupid. It's exactly like that just like the one issue with the first film is the look of the guelph. Ling's isn't great the the puppetry is not amazing but in this the look of reenters mason jason and all the things are a little mouths. Don't move enough for me. You know i have issues with all this stuff about that but just the design of those characters jersey khloe. I love elves in any kind. Oh you don't have to tell me. I know me now not says she told you was lord of the rings theme party. I should have made you a <unk> holes that were invitation. Then you roll up with little things that will be funny henry henry. It's not actually at dark. Chris lord rings party you this. It's like legally blonde. Okay and your reese witherspoon wall since i've seen that but oh my god sorry are everybody and blowing it here now not santa claus elves but i love lord of the rings elves and the big during bloom. What's that you know atlanta bloom boomer boomer. He's a big boom well. I mean personally. I don't know either big would check. I mean i love pirates over the rings but he's a big. He's not the reason for it. Mechalle deep gone john lover miquel lover mccullough mckellar mccallum night yeah miguel night because it's night spelled like night of the roundtable mckellen night of course what's that dude's name doc dr ned stark sean bean. He's gonna write him on the rings he is. Yes they're real beanie. Beanie boy true through which i am i wear beanies all the time. No i know but anyway circling circling back here so the look of the flings especially i loved it and it's just the waratahs so there's so many interesting designs looks hell a good yeah. There's so many new designs of creatures and creatures are amazing mazing yet. I love the ones that are <hes> these kinda like green spinning things that kind of yeah <hes> in the forest i love those there's the the rock creature towards the middle of the series who has this arm of a almost like almost like a record player needle and he put puts it on his other arm that has these engravings and his voice comes out through that just stuff like that is amazing yeah and it's and again it does get a little too complicated but for the most part that really didn't bother me looted convoluted. This can be the issue with. I really got to watch this issue with like comic. Stuff can often be convoluted because people who are clearly the people who care who made this care about it a law right or they've spent a lot of attention love time whatever years to make i think sometimes you get too close uh-huh and you know everything and it's like allen's at crayons emporium plug. It's alison <music> if you want. It's up to you sir for nelson here. Hello alison. I hell are you in our good. I'm sure there hours after a fine when untitled right now allie. You're on the.

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