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You eight five five two one two for CBS that they five five two one two four two two seven along with Twitter and Facebook so you can either participate in first responder Friday or you can send us your candidate for the most iconic uniform numbers in sports I think it will be fun whether they're retired or you think they should be retired whether they were were or are most closely associated with one particular athletes or almost done I see a group of generational athlete if that makes sense if you've got one amazing iconic athlete that wore the number and it's all honor then for the next guy to have that number I'll give you an example from my alma mater forty four forty four is a cherished and precious number for Syracuse football and actually not just for thirty football for Syracuse basketball as well and it was a privilege to be able to wear that number it wasn't just given out to anyone and if you have the number forty four you had to carry on the tradition Jim Brown Ernie Davis Floyd.

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