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Has curated a meat Centric menu indicative of his signature sharable plates, and his this restaurant GT fish moisture some GT's me. Because it's just that beats and, Tori. Yeah. Lots of good meat. He's the best. He makes his own pasta on the pasta making bike rides a bike. It looks like a bike. And he makes mistakes who I like getting a bunch of the little ones you get a bunch of small cuts, and you can taste. Big. So I order a big piece of meat for my main course for my appetizer small piece of meat. So I got lots of meat boys. That's what's at stake. Meet upon me. That's how you do it. I'd say do you catch the story about our buddy from northwestern Jim Phillips, the famed athletic director, where his son was was John Phillips was was he was the picture that they showed when when northwestern's run in the NC double A tournament came to an end a couple of years ago. Was lost to Gonzaga right after being in the game for the majority of it. Right. Okay. And there were shots of him. Crying and it went viral and whatnot so Pizza Hut is doing a new ad campaign during this NC double A tournament. They're bringing back some of these iconic fans shots, so they approached the Phillips family now, John is fourteen kids would have taken that. And it would have just crushed him. And they would still be right. But you know, what? So Pizza Hut approach the Phillips family and say, hey, this is what we're doing and this fourteen year old freshman who's he goes to loyal. He said, yeah, let's let's do it. And the reason why is he looked into some of the charities that pizza? Affiliate themselves with and he decided to the money that they were gonna give him he's donating to that charity. Wow. That's also like just the composure classy fan of that young, man. And just just story. That was really it's not a small chunk of change because I believe it's at least a year's worth of tuition. Mom said. Yeah, you're talking last fifty K that he's giving the charity a fourteen year old. That's awesome. So fantastic coming soon to a TV near you. They'll be rekindling that that viral moment from northwestern. She was Jim part of the the selection committee. Good question. I'm not sure I don't know. I do not know he will. I think he will be the my prediction when he will be the big tax Commissioner. Yeah. Hey, by the way, we're gonna talk to death. Speaking of the big ten Dave since going to join us here in a few minutes. It's top the hour and at the bottom of the hour at four thirty. That's where we find. Would you rather? So get your get your submissions in right dollar. Hashtag hashtag w would you rather? Or Email them to Waddle and Silvy at ESPN dot com. We haven't done this in a week or two have we did we get this last week? Okay. Well, it feels like we didn't do it. Because maybe there weren't some some very good. So bring it. Fifty dollars gift card to grant in western liquors? Right. And we're also playing are sixty teams. Giveaway. Got more games than than what? I don't Bradley. More games carnival. The Olympics are more like a carnival. Yeah. All right. Coming up top of the hour with the the nose of the big ten Dave revson joins us soil in for Mark Silverman. Sylviane ESPN one thousand take.

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