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Only one defensive lineman in the two point stands everybody in a three point stance. Everybody else's standing up. You don't know who's coming who's rushing safeties here are they dropping? There's so much indecision but Tony Jefferson right here. Remember this one, two, three, four, five yards by the argument on the line of scrimmage. And when that happens when he when Nathan Peterman meter and sees all of this, all of this movement, he doesn't know where to go with the ball. He just throws his deep and then guess who gets the interceptions. That's Tony Jefferson now thirty yards down the field. That is a certain amount of disguise that a lot of young quarterbacks can't handle, even veteran quarterbacks have problems with that. Now, the one guy that you really have to keep an eye on in this Baltimore, raven deepest. Is Eric Weddell because he's the one that starts all of this movement right here. Here he is. You don't know whether he's dropping whether he's coming in a blitz and right here. He ends up coming on. The offensive line doesn't know what he's doing. The running back Mississippi. And then this is what causes the interception, but it's about the disguise about the communication about all the confusion they caused the quarterbacks. Andy Dalton is going to have a huge problem with that tonight because that's what they're the best in the National Football League. This guy's communication and confusing quarterbacks, Wendy Tenny. Thank you. And Darren, both teams have to play defense. Let's talk a little bit about this Bengals defensive line. Well, think it's look. You looked at Carlos Dunlap and of course Geno Atkins and there's two guys that put pressure on you all the time. Gino Atkins is a up the middle. He's going to collapse the Packers. He's gonna, make Joe flacco get outside and make them use his legs and make them throwing a run, and then calls Dunlop's guy on the outside that can get on the edge and he has that lien about him. I like what I see in Cincinnati. They surprised me just this past week by what they did up front, how aggressive they were in their play, calling on the defense side of the ball and a confidence that they played. They played with a ton of confidence if this deepens affront that hadn't seen in a number of years. I like him in this game. I think this is going to be a very good business ballgame, but that'd be a d. line of Cincinnati is gonna really be the one that takes them of the let me ask you just two quick about something. Steve said, do you buy that? Joe flacco has been energized or perhaps motivated even if he doesn't wanna say so. Or maybe even if he doesn't realize that by the presence of Lamar Jackson one hundred percent. He said the best training camp of his career. He came out and played very well his first week, and he has struggled over the course of his career in Cincinnati. So this is something of a redemption game inside a redemption season for him. And when we're talking about a redemption game in redemption season, you go back to last year the way the raven season ended, they go into Cincinnati. They have to win that game to go to the postseason there in the lead. They have the Bengals fourth and. Eighteen four thousand eighteen and the Bengals through a forty seven yard touchdown, pass Tyler Boyd boy. That's right. Win the game to send Baltimore home and to send buffalo into jubilation and to benefit all these charities for Andy, Dalton. That you're the charitable contributions. So this really, I think is a continuation of unfinished business for the ravens defense for Joe flacco to go back to the site where their season ended last year. I don't think any one of them is forgotten that visit there well, and the ravens defense has teddy pleaded out. No joke a league high thirty, six takeaways since the start of this time this time last year I should say. So they've they've gotten it done. We'll have a live report from Cincinnati. Dan Graziano joins us in just a bit among our other top stories today, though the health status of Aaron Rodgers. He did not practice today. Instead once again, receiving treatment for what's being called a sprained knee, you heard coach Mike McCarthy. This is no layup for guarding his status for Sunday. Here's what Roger said about the injury yesterday..

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