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40. A petition asking fakir county to rename Lee highway and John S Mosby highway has now been signed by more than 300 people, a 14 year old rising freshman at kettle run high school who started this drive by going door to door, says naming roadways and erecting statues of historical figures was an attempt to protect the honor of the southern states and make the confederacy seem better than it was. Maya Heller says she will wait until she has at least 500 signatures before she brings the issue to the Fokker board of supervisors and state legislators. Some area kids are laying out their school clothes and supplies today, students in Fredericksburg city are headed back to school tomorrow. The first kids in our region to do so, then on Tuesday, Stafford county students head back to classrooms, and they will try an hour long lunch for the first time. During this block, students will eat lunch, have the opportunity to get academic support, finish their homework, meet with teachers, and recharge for the remainder of the school day. When students go back to school in Prince William county, they could see bigger class sizes and longer waits for the bus. In a letter to parents Friday, superintendent latanya mcdade says the school system will have to continue double bus runs this year as they struggle with the national bus driver shortage, so your kids may have to wait a little longer to get home. PWC PS also faces a shortage of teachers. They are currently working to fill 318 instructional openings that comes on top of the nearly 900 new staff, averty hired for this year to help offset the short staffing they are upping bonuses for middle and high school teachers if they pick up an extra section and an elementary school mcdade says class sizes may be larger than preferred, but will not exceed state requirements. Students in Alexandria can also expect some changes when they head back to school later this month. There will be additional security officers at middle and high schools and all students at those schools will be required to carry student IDs. Those are among security updates released this week by the Alexandria public school system. We're very excited in my vision is really just to continue to collaborate with our school leadership to make sure that we ensure the social emotional and academic learning of our students. Interim superintendent Melanie K Wyatt tells NBC four that every school will have designated entrances for students staff and visitors as a way to better control who enters the buildings. Nick hi Nelly, WTO news. Straight ahead on WTO not a good day for fans of the gnats or the O's, but if you like Pennsylvania teams, well, it's a very different story. 6 44. Hi, this is Kathy on your fried chip from Northern Virginia. I've lived with MS for 28 years and a passionate about raising funds and awareness for the national MS society. I do this by leaving a family team of walkers each year for local walk MS by participating and working on our together for cure luncheon and being involved in other MS related activities held by the national MS society. I do this so that they continue to provide funding for research and services to allow people like me to live their best lives possible. My greatest hope is to help in any way I can to move us closer to a cure. So no

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