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Company of this particular station, WGN Radio. Yes. It doesn't work at WGN. So use a familiar face here, um, in Chicago in the Chicago area. Hey, we're following that tornado warning and will continue to do that throughout the afternoon. Just looking at the National Weather Service kind of update here in Chicago there, saying that let's see Tornado warning been issued for northeastern Winnebago County until two p.m. two o'clock this afternoon. Storm moving east at 2025 MPH. So that's what they're saying. They're saying there is a warning. A tornado warning will follow that severe weather throughout the afternoon here as it's closing in on two o'clock. So, um, something to keep on your radar if you're near their northeastern Winnebago County, more coming up here on WGN. If you've got an insurance question, you could talk to your nana. But she'd probably just tell you how she insured her couch from stains by covering it with plastic. Or you could talk to your local Geico agent. They'll give you a different kind of warm and fuzzy with personalized assistance for all your insurance needs like how you could be saving on your policies. So let your Nana cover her couch and plastic And let a local Geico agent help cover you, but not in plastic. To find a Geico agent near you. Visit Geico dot com slash local welcome guests back in with fourth of July Savings and Lows get Valspar signature interior paint and primer starting at 32 98 per gallon and with appliance savings today and everyday, save up to $750 now and select major appliances. The summer savings continue this July 4th, so stop it lows or buy online and pick up in store gloves home to any budget home to any possibility. Pricing vowed to 77 21 in store must ask cashier to apply coupon savings vary based on purchase amount can be combined with additional discounts. Exclusions apply about 7 14. Hi. I'm Mark Smith, director of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. Summer is here and families are looking for ways to stay cool. Please follow safety guidelines to help protect Children from water related tragedies. Children.

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