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The nonprofit put its focus on the just completed clinic for recovering victims of a campfire usually when we go to have a clinic that area raises the money for the clinic and we've never really had that for Sacramento but we know that there's a need here so we've been trying to provide it but this year given the efforts for the Chico clinic we just can't as an organization afford to put on the clinic with our research forty nine year old Michael Huey is one of many who understand the value of these clinics first hand the former US army ranger was recently treated during a California care force event at the plaster stand down in Roseville means everything I don't have dental insurance so I was I was in a lot of pain with my key and I go there and and and get get it all done because that's the only place I can get down the free healthcare is making a difference for Huey I can't afford it I know all the dentures of better times of one of my relatives years had a tooth made there were six thousand dollars and my income below poverty level I can't afford to have any dentures or anything made and are it's quite an embarrassment when people see me and I don't have any key his life galas grateful for the vision care I can't do my job if I can't read my directions and I can't afford to come down six three only live on eighteen hundred a month and are rat takes half of that you know without our help I wouldn't make it with as for the make it and its finances the cog in says could keep the California care force from offering the free services at cal expo this fall about a hundred and twenty thousand dollars to put on a two day clinic could be a hundred and fifty thousand it just depends on the in kind donations the location and the number of patients that we think we're gonna be providing for volunteers are already calling asking to sign up to help at this year's Sacramento clinic Coggins says they'll be turned away if California care force can't raise the money they need to host the clinic we still need seventy five thousand dollars cal expo has been wonderful and they're holding this space for us but in order to get the clinic together recruit the volunteers we have kind of a drop dead date of September first if you or your organization is willing and able to help support a runner right the clinic Kaghan asks that you call the California care force offices or make an online donation through their website Kitty all rights are thank you for that so much six to eight now at KFBK N. coming up they want to clear the shelters nationwide will tell you about that coming up and now let's get you caught up on all this hour's top national stories on news ninety three point one KFBK.

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