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The party is trying to ban partisan gerrymandering nationwide but redrawing districts in blue states. Like new york may be the only way to preserve its house. Majority to hear democratic leaders decry gerrymandering as part of their current bid to enact landmark voting rights legislation. You'd think the centuries old practice was a mortal threat to the republic but political necessity could soon demand. That democrats dropped their purity act to keep their narrow house majority they might have to deploy the tactic everywhere they can. And every bit as aggressively as republicans do nowhere or the stakes higher for democrats than in new york. The party there has its largest legislative majorities in a century and more sway over more seats than anywhere else in the country. A cutthroat approached redistricting. New york could eliminate or substantially alter many as five republican held seats a number equivalent to the democrats current edge in the house. The early maneuvering by new york. Democrats is already revealing the party. Shaky commitment to its national. Anti gerrymandering plush. One that has long been rooted less lesson. Principle than the democrats passionate message would suggest would could impede the democratic effort to make the most of its dominance in. New york is not the fear of hypocrisy. But the party's internal politics nationwide. The challenge for democrats is formidable. The shuffling of house seats as a result of the census is expected to shift power from mostly democratic states like california new york illinois to states like texas florida and north carolina. All of which will have legislatures controlled by republicans who will be in charge of draw new districts. The bottom line is if this becomes an arms race in both parties maximize their advantage in the states that they control republicans will come out ahead. David wasserman an analyst for the nonpartisan newsletter. The cook political report told me the gop needs to flip just five democratic seats to recapture the house. Majority in two thousand twenty two and conceivably the party could gain although seats through gerrymandering alone wasserman projects that republicans could net anywhere from zero to ten seats just from redistricting. The gerrymandering poses a danger to america. That gerrymandering poses a danger to america's relatively recent discovery for democrats only after republicans routed them in stating gresh elections in two thousand ten and redrew hundreds of districts in their own favor. The democrats expressed outrage which reached a fever. Pitch when they won the nationwide vote in the next election but saw the gop secured second largest house majority and sixteen years the insuring ensuing democratic campaign against gerrymandering push states like colorado and virginia to adopt independent redistricting commissions aimed at preventing politicians from choosing their own constituents. None of the stop democrats elsewhere from gerrymandering themselves. After the twenty ten census they drew a notoriously skewed congressional map in maryland that left republicans with just a single seat in the eight-member delegation now democratic groups that for years of criticized the practice or urging their party to create unfair maps and blue states like illinois and new york. Two wrongs don't make a right kelli ward burton. The president of the national democratic redistricting committee told me the group was launched in two thousand seventeen with the backing of former president. Barack obama former attorney general eric holder to reform redistricting burton a former executive director of the democratic congressional campaign committee argues. The democrats. don't need to gerrymander to keep the house. Majority we want maps that reflect the will of the voters and reflect the actual makeup of the state if that occurs. She says then. The house stays competitive. We can win. That's a mini. Democrats are willing to make now. It goes on from there but the point is this democrats have now for the last decade because republicans did so well in two thousand ten. They're able to redraw the lines and benefit republicans. Democrats say oh..

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