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Special episode today. We've got a House guest Roman Harper. Our good friend here joining the show will also have Jason Brown, South Carolina quarterback after that big time win over the Florida Gators, but you're a recent Hall of Famer. So we feel very blessed here to have you on. How do you feel being with us? That's the question. Yeah. I feel like I made it, you know? Like I really made it. I'm gonna like real TV right now. I got a football stuff that's I've been doing that since I was little. This is like I made it. No, or like peasants on an actual Hall of Fame. I'm like a real show. Okay, Roman. So one thing we do, one thing we've done this season is we've picked one thing we know. One thing we think we know and one thing we can't figure out in regards to the SEC football. We're gonna bring that back in today's show. So I'll start. I'm gonna go with one thing I know. I said it when we did it the first time. One thing I know, SEC is the best conference in the country. I still stand by it. That is one thing that I don't know. Yeah, back in week three or four was when we were making these early early thoughts and I think Trey is held up. How do you feel about that? I totally agree with it 1000%. Of course. Mine was that Georgia has the best defense in all of college football. And I feel very strongly about that still as we enter week 11. I feel almost like a mind reader, like a fortune teller. How did I know that Georgia was gonna be both you ladies are so smart and dead on and with a list is that was the one that I know is that Georgia's defense is by far the best defense in the country. Not only that. But when they put their backups in, teams still don't score. That even seconds of. When you have Georgia, defensive players saying, yeah, they scored a touchdown on us, and that's too much. We can't. It's unbelievable. So that's your thing. You know, I was with you. I'm curious Roman because you obviously played defense at a very high level. If you break down Georgia's defense, what unit stands out to you the most. In Georgia's defense. It has to be the line. It has to be now I want to say the line, but the line backers are so good. They play three or four of these guys and they are outstanding. They fly around. They hit the ball through the tone setters and they get everybody lined up. So when it comes to the smarts, the ability, the speed in which they play, there's nobody else doing it. The Kobe dean is an absolute monster. They all are, but it's hard to pick one. All right, oh, what's our next one? One thing we think we know. One thing we think we know, all right, so when we did this away back when, the one thing I thought I knew was that the east. Was that the east would be decided between Georgia and Florida that obviously tanked, all right, now I think normally that's a pretty safe and photo. It's really good. Let's not just say that they didn't lead in rushing. You know, it's not pretend that they weren't starting off hot. Now the one thing I think I know is Tennessee is the second best team in the east. Which great timing because Roman and I were on SEC now on Tuesday night and where did you put Tennessee in the east? They are the second best team. I think you guys are definitely doing your homework on this show. Where did you put I think you put Florida third to last? You went vandy, Missouri, Florida. Correct. Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee. Give it two more weeks for the change even more. It'll probably change. It's always changing. Yeah, I remember the first time you did that with the west. And then the next week it was always said last night we were like now that Romans ranked it, it's gonna be different. In a week, my thing that I thought I knew back in week three or whatever it was was that the SEC could get two teams in the college football playoff final four. Still feel good about that. I think that there's a good chance that Alabama makes it to Atlanta can beat Georgia if there's a CFP spot on the line. I don't feel like 1000% about it, but I think there's a good chance it could happen. It's still out there. Still in the air. Romans like no, it's not out. Is there one thing where I'm in the you think you know? I think Tennessee's better. Okay. Think. Like then last year relative to better than one. Does he have to prove themselves a little bit? Tennessee's back. We don't have time to get to the things that we can't figure out. So you're going to have to watch out of pocket.

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