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Mean wasn't passing inside but it was a you okay with rents now has exposure therapy. You'll you'll find with the now. When i did one the jungle that year the following year i went back to documentary for it about the making of the series. And i met man who deals with all the animals all the critters and he has his own area of the of set the six months before had he breeds everything and And i think the cleverness of the including the rats is the fact that all clean that not. The cockroaches are dirty i mean. Can you imagine if something happened to one of the celebrities and we laugh about people dying have nothing is going to kill you in as the fault of which will kill you off all that. That's yeah okay. Well interesting nine nine they. They breed all that cockroaches and maggots and rents and very nice young man. You've just that nice to have a hobby. Did you also going back into the sleeping bear whether you're in a hammock. All it was part of a task or somewhere else did you mind being filmed sleeping. Because i think it's a bit voyeuristic for friday to be to be filming people sleeping. It's bit weird. Isn't it very interesting to say that the first night Read to see in the oakland underneath the sky underneath the stars. I did think to myself about what's going to crawl over me during the night and i did fall asleep and fat. I set the best. I've ever snapped by life every single night so much say that i think they might have been putting bro bite in the water because we had no. I mean there was thought one sexual fault. And i checked with olbermann. We never know caught with a you do a direction in the morning. It's all very solar say anal. But i didn't mean it was the lack of that exactly all about.

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