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It's an adaptation of a little no nineteen forty seven motion picture books mind, the baby starring broaddrick Crawford in his original screen role and we thank you for joining us on this Sunday. This is the twelfth day of may the one hundred thirty second day of twenty nineteen two hundred thirty three days remaining until we get to twenty twenty ten weeks after his abduction the infant son of Charles Lindbergh found dead in Hopewell, New Jersey on this date in nineteen thirty two just a few miles from Berg's home. A six piece group of musicians began recording on this date in nineteen thirty four known as fats Waller and his rhythm. My. Jackson. Waller contracted pneumonia and died on a cross country, railroad chip near Kansas City on December fifteenth, nineteen forty three but that recorded on this date back in nineteen thirty four the coronation of King George the sixth. The Britain at Westminster Abbey on this date in nineteen thirty seven the Soviet Union lifted its Berlin blockade on this date in nineteen forty nine a formal North American aerospace defense command agreement signed between the US and Canada in nineteen fifty eight and in nineteen sixty two Douglas mccarthur clerk delivering his famous duty honor country. Valedictorian speech at West Point at Queen Elizabeth, pollen, this date in nineteen sixty seven Pink Floyd staged the first ever quadraphonic rock, concert, the Cambodian navy sees the American merchant ship S my again, international waters in nineteen seventy five and in nineteen eighty-two during a procession outside the shrine of the virgin. Mary in Portugal security guard. Over powered one Fernandez chrome before he could attack. Pope John Paul the second with a bayonet Cronin ultra conservative Spanish priests opposed to the battle in to reforms the side of the pope must be killed for being an agent of Moscow was on this date in two thousand two former president, Jimmy Carter visited Cuba, that would like to express my personal things full. They words of welcome. They were extended to me by President Castro, the former president became the first visit the communist nation, the Riyadh compound bombings carried out. My al-qaeda kill twenty six on this date in two thousand three and also in two thousand three fifty nine democratic lawmakers about the Texas legislature to a standstill by going into hiding in a dispute over congressional redistricting in two thousand eight US immigration and customs enforcement conducted, the largest ever rate of a workplace in post Ville, Iowa arresting nearly four hundred immigrants. Identity. Theft and document fraud. And it was on this date in two thousand one an evening with the monkeys forty fifth anniversary tour kicked off in Liverpool. He. Get funny. Everyone. Do. Sure would move to the US in June, July for forty five dates, the total would be the last for Davy Jones who had passed away of a heart attack at the age of sixty six passing away on this date in history. Somebody whom we celebrated Easter time, John Cadbury. No, not that kind of celebration. But that's the only time you find the eggs, isn't author, max brand, western author film director actor, Eric monstrum Heim, actor, Robert Reid race. Car driver. Adam petty and singer Perry Como catch up balling, starin-, put it in your pocket, Florence Nightingale. Born on this date, as was statesman, Henry Cabot, rod. Actress Katharine Hepburn journalist Howard, k Smith businesswoman, Mary, Kay ash founded Mary, Kay cosmetics English comedian, Tony Hancock Yogi Berra. The baseball player of headset many weird quotes Tom Snyder, who owned that late late show saw pursue many years. And I gotta tell you part from Johnny and Letterman not many were anywhere near as good as he was. And George Carlin the objects of the gains quite different. The object of the game in football is for the quarterback. Although is known as the field general to be on target with his aerial assault. Riddling the defense by hitting his receivers with deadly accuracy in spite of the blitz even if he has to use the shotgun. With short bullet passes and long bonds. He marches his troops into enemy territory, balancing, this area assault with a sustained bound attack which punches holes in the forward wall of the enemy's defensive line. Baseball. The object is to go home. George Carlin born on this date in history composer, back, Rak, who's from Kansas City, by the way, ninety one years old, a Billy swan, celebrating number seventy one and he can still help..

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