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You're listening to it's dan patrick on demand thank you broadcasting live from the mercedes am g men came so many parades clogging up the schuylkill expressway this is dan patrick tower chew on this thursday dan in the dan dench dan patrick show we were going to have josh allen he was scheduled to join us this hour and he's decided that he's not going to do any interviews this was a sponsored appearance he decided that given the headlines here that he's not going to the headlines have to do with josh allen with tweets that were made back in twenty twelve and twenty thirteen early high school questionable language in there that the tweets that have surfaced here the timing of this i don't think it's a coincidence but still these tweets were made and we were hoping that he wanted to come onto at least talk about it or at least put it in context of what he was saying who he was saying to i don't know if it impacts his draft status at all i don't know that that'll be up to the team coach owner and certainly the players would have an impact with this once he gets to camp i'm sure but we were going to have him on we're also going to jordan palmer who is the quarterbacks coach for josh allen and sam darnold he's decided that it's best that he does not join us as well i do understand it i don't think they're trying to hide its can you make this any better and if you don't come on you can minimize the damage here that's really you can maximize it by coming on may be saying something or if i pin you down and you say something that you're going to regret but we did say that you still have the.

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