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Williams and bill patchy out the murder trial of an extra cab county police officer who shot and killed a naked on our veterans resumes this morning every state witness from the heights it simply apartments testified they were surprised that been officer Robert Olson shot into the hill one also said hills running could have been interpreted as an attack WSB legal analyst bill Holly says prosecutors must prove criminal intent the big prize for the state here would be a conviction for murder to get to murder they have to prove there was an underlying felony Olson's other charges include aggravated assault violating his oath and making a false statement as he falsely claimed hill physically assaulted him before you opened fire Veronica waters ninety five point five WSP attorney Neil Flynn who's appeared on TV ads in metro Atlanta is being sued by several of his former clients he's accused of taking settlement checks for himself attorney William nay tells channel two action news flits clients were left holding the bag once you settle their cases a sigh of relief from the quiet because I think that the the ordeal is over and of course in these cases that's not what happened let's also in under investigation by the state Supreme Court the FDA and D. E. A. warn the operators of ten websites to stop illegally selling opioids FTA notes those who buy prescription medicines from illegal online pharmacies could be putting their well being at risk considering the products could be counterfeit contaminated or expired Brian shook reports the websites are illegally marketing unapproved or misbranded opioid medicine some key players will be back on the field for George's game with Tennessee on Saturday promise at eight all fits of lime and get major minutes in front of them this season which usually is a big problem no. a statement in the way his coaches guys we know somebody they're instantly rendered Kirby smart is also shuffle to secondary with both starting corners are against Notre Dame we're thankful that we have doubts because like last year it death played a major role Eric Stokes and receiver keris Jackson returned to practice yesterday while Solomon Killian Tyson Campbell did not but smart says both should play in Knoxville kick off at seven here on the home of the dogs J. black ninety five point five W. S. but W. S. we news time is.

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