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Answering at the same way over and over and over again which just i'm sorry it makes you look like an idiot yeah and that's from two people who know idiots yet or we know so yet we know a couple of number over in fact i couple of other strides when it's a cover a couple of other stories here just because it's it's been it's been moving so quickly but the a very quickly we haven't spent a lot of time on on this but the former house i t staffer at the center of the congressional computer equipment scandal was a with a was see staffer for wasserman schultz uh in moron iran was arrested at the dallas international airport pleaded not guilty yesterday to one count of bank fraud during his arraignment in federal court law enforcement authorities for months have been looking to into how a one may have doublebilled the house were quitting unlike computers ipads monitors keyboards and router sella cell of several relatives a wall of a one worked for house democrats and were fired months ago awad however was kept on stamp i representative debbie wasserman schultz even though he was no longer allowed access to the house server network and i think it was what yesterday that the uh they wouldn't was house and found smashed you know computer equipment and things like that right yeah and right hard drives and what did things are wondering is how much information because he deserves it just in worked for hurry worked for other democrats and they're worried about information that he may have taken from them and put on a cloud servers somewhere right yeah you know top secret information we're this goes i don't know why because there are a number of i mean as you can imagine email conversations and rushed guy had access to all of it and and by the way he worked in his relatives for house democrats for more than a decade this is it just a year or so this goes back a decade aid what does he had could the information have been shared with other people could he be a spy could he have taken this information and.

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