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KTAR indepth. I heard a Trump supporter. The other day say they should remove duck from the prefix lame duck before. A bitter flakes name. All right. We'll talk more about what Jeff flake is up to a little later. But I I wanted to talk right now about what some folks were up to yesterday morning, if you're listening around seven forty or so here on Arizona's morning news, you heard detoured and say this southbound state route fifty one at Coulter somebody felt it was a good idea to hang up a protest sign here. That's talking about the Phoenix police violence, or whatever it is whatever the case is how about we don't hang signs over top of the freeways that can distract drivers. That can lead that wrecks that can cause injuries possibly even death. Why so Detroit, and I don't think detour Dan really cared. What was on the banner? I mean, maybe he did. But he was concerned about driver safety. That's that's the biggest concern. But what this was all about was a group called put Aaron action and their leader vide- Hernandez is with Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes yesterday talking about what she'd like to see happen to reduce. Use the number of police involved shootings in Phoenix. And I gotta tell ya. They could not have worst timing. They just could not have worse timing on this. Yes, there have been forty officer involved shootings in Phoenix this year. Maybe she's right. Maybe we are leading the nation. But man, terrible timing. Now, keep in mind that she said during your interview with Bruce and panel that action needs to be taken not just studied like Phoenix has undertaken that studied by the way was done at the behest of Phoenix police chief, Jerry Williams. What is a remedy to the problem that you see definitely looking at how this is happening in how we're letting this happen. Okay. So that's a study that she's talking about there after she criticized. The fact that Phoenix is studying and not taking action and we continue bitterly. There's a lack of transparency within this police department, right? That has been sued just even to access records of these situations that. These cases, I agree with her you want nothing, but but complete transparency you do and if the Phoenix police department has not been transparent on some questionable shootings, then they should be compelled to be absolutely transparent. But do you really think it's the best idea to unfurl a banner? Saying stop Phoenix police violence the day after they took down. Timothy Odell Leon who was armed with a handgun not complying with commands when three Phoenix police officers opened fire on him after a violent car chase after he was involved. They believe in five armed robberies in five days, including three carjackings in which he fired a handgun in each one of them and hurt one of the people. Right, right. You actually struck a victim shootings. Oh. You just get it. Right. Okay. I understand. I don't want. I don't want a ton of police shootings. Either anybody does. And I don't think the cops do to be honest with you. Yeah. Okay. Sure. There's a couple of adrenaline fuelled idiots, you know, that might have a badge and a gun out there. But for the majority of cops never want to be involved in a shooting if they can avoid it Glendale police, by the way had this to say because this chase ended in Glendale. It was extremely imperative that officers were able to encounter him and ensure that he didn't victimize another person within this valley, but just simply based on the timing of their unfurling of the banner, I'm led to believe that put Aaron action thinks he was the victim. It's five eighteen now KTAR..

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