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It was the start of the week schools in Delphi would normally have been in session that day but on this day they weren't so abby and Libya had a sleepover. Our story begins Monday morning. With Libya's older sister Kelsey. It was a snow makeup day that day. So that means saw there. Hadn't you've been a lot of snow and we had an extra day that we got off of school so they just made it a long weekend for us so I didn't go into work until like nine or ten in the morning Kerry Tim Libyan Chelsea's mom and just to clear up any confusion. She lives two hundred sixty two miles away in Kentucky. She's he's a tough woman with a tattoo sleeve on her left arm in tribute to her daughter Libby and every morning I'd send Chelsea and libby to good morning have a good day. You know snap chat text message. Something I'm GonNa had done that that morning but the girls on the bus went about my normal getting ready for work and left and libby message to be back snapchat and she was in her bed and I was like doing in bed. It's like nine o'clock or whatever that morning I woke up late and planned to go to my boyfriend's house and help him clean out his truck that they were getting ready to sell and then after we cleaned it out he was going to go to work and I was GonNa win at his house and then go to help go to work myself dating. Get up until probably close to ten or so and they wanted pancakes. This is becky patty before we get too far. We should acknowledge the family. Only dynamics are complicated here. Becky and her husband. Mike are Kelsey and Libya's grandparents and also their legal guardians and you'll hear are a lot from them over the course of this story but Kelsey and Libya's dead Derek also lives with them so derek made them pancakes for breakfast and then later on libby come out she was bored. What can we do? You know Kelsey came out and said that she. She was going to a friend's house and then she had to work. And so I went upstairs and it got started getting ready in our bathroom and I. I'd very much remember her. Opening the door. Really wide with abby behind her as I'm getting dressed and she's like Hake House doing go to hybrids today day and I'm like obviously getting ready to leave. I can't take a day and a little later. I was like I have really been saying. No Oh to her a lot lately so I went downstairs I said hey if you can find a ride and guns says yes I will take you and she ended up asking grandma and grandma atmosphere yes and then she called my dad to pick her up. And that's when I agreed to take her and then she said that her dad would pick her up so I said Okay and that's when they were getting ready to leave and libby was standing at the door. And that's when I told her to that. You need to take a jacket kids. It's Nice but you know who knows you need to take jacket. And that's when she looked at me and said it's okay. Great one gave me that smile and off. They went so when we left was sitting up front and the back neither of them had brought sweatshirts which was really confusing to me so I actually ran back inside and got abby on of mine and Libby had one in my accede since she always rode with me so I made them take those. And then we turned higgins by twenty one pilots up really loud and they had the windows down and we were seeing to it in. It's not a super far drive so we got there. The pretty quick it felt like and then we stopped at the entrance to high bridge and made sure they both have the sweatshirts. I told them to take approach and I loved her and I watched the mock.

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