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You do if you're a gun owner? And you're tired of your tired of everybody antigun trying to take away your rights. You can't talk reasonably with people anymore. Look at our lawmakers. They can't agree on anything. So what are you? What do you mean? What are you? Do. You're protected by the law. But if you wanna make a point, you know, they're anti-gun rallies, they're anti-gun rally. So why can't you have a gun route urban pro-gun rallies? Fraternity guys do this silly gun parade. Right Blau load a month in downtown. Zilly gun Peru. Call them the gun nuts. I responsible gun owners like one of my close friends. He's actually stopped a couple of incidents with his gun. Never shot. Anybody in all the cops. I know they don't think this is a good idea. And I'll tell you why I'm going to read his Texas just came in Wendy. It's a great landscape, and you talked about this with squirrel hill in the mindlessness of some of these lunatics that are out there with guns. Now, it's a great landscape for some wacko to walk into the middle with his assault weapon and go crazy. I agree with the caller as a rational gun owner. No one's trying to take my guns. He says, I'm not trying to make a point you mind. If we grab Sean he's been hanging for a while. I see what you're saying Wendy, go at Sean. Hey marty. It's up first off. They're not assault. Weapons assault weapons a fully automatic weapon, which are illegal. Yeah. Automatic weapons body legal. That's one of the main problems with the media, and they're all these politicians. They don't know. What is what? Yeah. It's interesting because I go to gunsight here where they sell guns, and they call them assault rifles. So maybe the gun to our means does not mean assault rifle. Why do you care? You. Splitting hairs with me. It's because I'm a gun owner. I get it. But. Taken away from me. No one's taking your guns. But what Wendy says it's the March ever closer to try to do. So look, look, you can't even say anything without offending somebody anymore and this wacky country. I mean, gee whiz. Does it not make sense to you that people with guns who are responsible gun owners are worried about their guns being taken away? I think that's totally legitimate. Sean. I need your opinion on this. So we don't argue the semantics of the name of a rifle you think it's smart to be parading your gun. You long rifle downtown on Monday. In public doesn't make a point. So is it is it is an open carry state. Not my point. So you won't answer. My question just answer. The question is it a smart move with five hundred guys guns out there? I think it's fine. Why? Why not okay? This fly through these. Though, cindy. Hey, guys, Wendy. I totally disagree with you. And I don't know what's up with Katie k, but you're gonna lose a long-time listener mardi. I agree with you. There's no wait a minute. If you don't agree with somebody's. No, no, no. I'm gonna make my point hang on. Oh, I agree with you. You can agree. But listen to you. And that's what we're we're going to have a conversation here. We don't have a congress as you call it conversation productive parading downtown. What where are you going to discuss you're gonna stand there with your guns out and have a conversation? Reason one wacko showing up Monday. And there's gonna be a problem. But it's still. You don't need a fought wise it to you and your congress league. In your way. Gone amunition. Went Obama got elected. He's going to take our? Never did that right? Good talking to this flight through these. That's what it is. That's what it goes down to so angry, Bob cranberry. Thanks for your patients. Go. Hey. Well, she leaves. I'll start listening. Anyway, I'm not a gun owner. But my only question is, you know, it's funny. I do I I'm just guessing this why do a lot of gun owners say, well, you should be able to have an assault rifle. Right. Hiding guns handguns for protection, whatever is fine. But what is and maybe I'm missing we'll know, even when do you agree with that? You don't think the should be out? I just don't see it. I I agree with you. Why somebody needs one of those other than the military? There's no reason to have a clip that can fire, you know, Brazilian rounds. And whatever I mean, are you going out in the woods and firing that somewhere? What are you doing with that? But again, it's the right to have it that gets people going, by the way, we're going to get real emotional in the next segment with the woman doing amazing dogs. Get stuff is actually the reason why Wendy, and I work together. So well because we like to make a difference. And we're going to do that as we talked to women who actually use these rescue dogs to change people's lives. Absolutely. An abuse victims in court, right? So if you're all fired up now, we're going to bring you back over to the side. Listen to this. Great seven coming up..

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