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Down near the morgan hendricks county line and you could you smoke for miles from a big vehicle fire against the fog that has been cleared up and you have no worries their matt baerbel have traffic coming up in just a moment murder at six in the morning yes they don't just happen at night in on weekends even though it may seem like that's when they happen in balkan indy but this morning a shooting at an apartment complex at sixty second and allah should bill huddle out of a journal ongoing so we were able to get everything and throw in the car and hit the road we were only here for a days so far so everything was still kind of put away so abdullah wildfires in napa valley california planet by era but were glad to be safe than better than in the fire and it's pretty much par for the course this is actually our second for if we had to reschedule we were originally going to be in the keys in our mechanic took that one out and so scott a bad luck for us just a little to the eastern collorado her all winter storm warning dow who because flow quoted couldn't king mohican fourcar on gender bolder area westward into rock kind of early for that then in vegas garmin pray for them forever known finger one week since the shooting as of last night at ten o'clock death by fireworks always here be really careful police say fifty seven year old timothy whitney senior lit a fireworks shall outside his son's home into bad as main sunday and died after being hit from fifteen feet away by a shell from the powerful commercial grade firework three family member standing further back were not hurt by the firework which had been set into a cement cinderblock the blast sending pieces of cemented to to homes about a hundred and forty feet away the public safety department says fireworks which whitney got sometime in the past here is a kind only available to licensed fireworks operators which he was not really move fox news i'm chris davis on the level on the go on twitter at 93 wip she and wibc dot com 834 sports mark dyke to sports on wibc spa sponsored by royal spa uh royal spa whoa highly courtesy of the cult's radio network is adam bennett terry bail.

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