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I i think it is that dire for these two defendants this is incredibly serious conduct i think bob muller's first and foremost objective is to try to punish this conduct and bring these two individuals to justice because their conduct really was way outside the bounds of american law but i do think brian a ultimate goal here is to figure out what leverage russia had over the chairman the deputy chairman and others in the trump campaign during the 2016 election so stephanie through an investigators are is what stands out at you as you read this indictment well i think it's a very fulsome indictment i mean they're very specific facts and very well documented intentions on the part of both manafort and gates in falsifying financial records line to lenders misleading iris about the tax records the thing that stands out most to me is that just how prolific they were in their efforts how unrelenting they were when faced with pushback by lenders they just came up with more creative ways to falsify information i think jeremies right the key is what impact will this have to the overarching russian investigation does bob muller anticipate that mr gates or mr manafort knows more and can provide more information that would link others into the campaign and possibly with the russian government hey peter our executive producer remembered the fall we piece of in your paper april of 2017 because she remembers pieces of writing like this quote he began this is how how manafort sold himself to trump he began by telling the candidate he lived on an upper floor of trump tower this was no trivial point it signalled his wealth and a willingness to work 15hour days and a building that housed both his lavish apartment at mr trump's barebones campaign it also meant mr manafort had already put his money in the form of an apartment purchase into mr trump's brand which meant a lot to the candidate transactional developer and politician aide said plus he had a powerful closers move he would work for free and i think you have said in the past peter that one trump can see you more as a here he's more likely to have a different relationship with you as an employee no certainly that's exactly right he's spoken in the past of other people in terms of their wealth wealth of impresses him it means that this person success.

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