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Absolutely instantan see all for another example if we're looking at the even even novus systems when one like you'll you'll spine you'll spine a cold is really thick but if you look at the nose in your body down slightly the new little finger it's it's really really thin and the nova system basically travels signals traffic plea different speeds download you'll notice system and if you look at the maps of it it can't even explain woking movement led eleven light really complicated ballet that's hundred in tune to to the music eunice some something like that and say when you looking at those sorts of things light well how enough is the body coordinate coordinating things because this sort of normal nervous system in bonn chemical on on coin adding up on that as it turns out they see cell membranes they they'll say they also have a protein receptors the base key to tune to fields on what's great about fields is the old of magnitude pretty much in pretty much infinitely more efficient than than a by chemical by chemical system and therefore we're trying to explain how movement how metabolism and growth a rule coordinated they see field based system is as a way is a way way that her explanation but it again it isn't saying the by chemical pathways daggs because they do is just is just saying in the load of cases the more efficient paul way is a is a field based type system and a cool slight nature who's was proposed the most efficient way of doing things and yeah that full generally works fascinating so that to your story permanent so you basically you guys figure out a way to map and measure this body field basically in that was instrumental in your recovery 'cause you obviously not bedridden anymore so how did that happen.

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