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Now about the most popular sport in the world which happens to be soccer is there or football as they called in other countries is there any market out there for 'cause i keep reading about these amazing sal reason the and the incredible popularity of that's sport is there a card or memorabilia aspect to that sport at all not right now no and the future out now because we just don't know but now there just is no demand i'm especially here in this country and yes outside in europe and south america they're obviously huge saqer fairer but even so the huge soccer fans but there's no you know five hundred thousand dollar sok piece of soccer memorabilia no palaysis soccer signed soccerball what about basketball no hilmi asked because of the the certain player that we had in this town for a number of years who was arguably among the most famous athletes in the history of all sports well jordan bill and he can of market from michael jordan's stuff oh yes soul that is very strong markets and um you know michael jordan signed basketball could be anywhere from five hundred bucks two thousand box assigned jersey nonkenyans drape it's a sign jersey several her boxed fifteen hundred dollars while but you have to be paid careful attention because a seal out of fake michael jordan autographs and the market how can you tell you what you're an expert they'll tell you can tell it most infuriate eu on some level and you see these fakes yeah and they're they're out there there everywhere data's michael jordan by out safe from attack time perspective muhammed ali mickey mantle in all the icon the icons right heel the real icons right because because nobody is going to try and forge a signature of john doe right right what about some unlike would audubon veneer arguably famous sir leon never be in the hall of fame but the great baseball player men of some notoriety what about solemnly pete rose so pete rose is in his i get amf yards and i don't mean to say this from sleep ginning of gown john lean geese he ordered rivers on him because he's use infamous he was an interesting way his fulltime job for years now six days a week he works in vegas signing his life away so you can go to ebay and by perfectly genuine authentic sign baseball heroes for forty forty five bucks or you can fight if they s shake his.

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