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Insisted on the voice of the cardinals cable works this time is six ten Roger branded the steeple traffic center I see a lot of green out there we off to a good start this pretty quiet right now time which is great news now again we had some frost overnight to the could be some slick spots the careful especially bridges overpasses on offerings right now things are in pretty good shape a couple of incidents with tractor trailers though other minor it sounds like that's up on two seventy south to secure for the report of a tractor trailer stalled that was were reportedly one of the center lane they can't quite tell the government out of the way and then on highway or it's on reader road actually just immediately south of highway fifty it's a tractor trailer off the roadway in metro east and the centre virtually crews to that scene but it sounds like it is on a reader road and not on highway fifty four right near highway fifty on reader so that's good news is not a one of the main thoroughfares well on your way to work there other than that we just have a little ball in building downtown westbound sixty four for the seventy split up to the third three constructions on started to back up a bit but was there was fine across Bob work usual but as we can leverage is great it is clear a minor accident he spent thirty of the Merrimack River you may find a little slow down there sounds like they're reformed get it actually at the commuter parking locked up closer to our way to seventy six updated six twenty for most people traffic center the weather is sponsored for you by Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn express this is accurate either all the juicy divorce sun mixing with some clouds of the milder this afternoon the high getting up to fifty one clear cold tonight down about thirty to thirty five plenty of sunshine.

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