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I'm calling you sappers got off the plane and then the plane took off the island headed that way so it's not clear what happened in those staffers come into contact with this person who is now tested positive with more than thirty million jobs sidelined because of the corona virus the big question is if and when those jobs will come back economist mark Zandi thinks some will in June at least for a temporary period as businesses reopen June July August September we should see some job growth by I I disagree with the president no we are not going to get a lot of these jobs back fast we make it half of them back you know we might you know go get ten million back but that means unemployment rate still gonna be around ten percent April unemployment was fourteen point seven percent I'm Mike Morris convicted former California congressman Duncan hunter will have the start of his prison sentence delayed because of the corona virus the story from correspondent Linda Kenya a federal judge has granted the former Republican from California until January fourth to report for his prison sentence he was supposed to begin serving his eleven month term on may twenty ninth but the judge granted a motion to delay citing the corona virus pandemic the bureau of prisons report seventy percent of federal inmates tested are positive for the virus Duncan hunter pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations he stepped down from his congressional seat in January in addition to the eleven months in prison he was sentenced to three years of supervised probation Linda Kenyon Washington not rage growing today over the shooting of black man on mon armory it led to murder charges more than two months later against a white father and his son near.

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