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Yeah definitely and then as she to introduce unit testing think about in particular the string change in prison three which were we talked about a minute and having more testing on your application for unika strings so thus stephanie going to bring up some challenges near existing code this portion of talked by has been brought to you by role bar one of the frustrating things about being a developer dealing with errors relying on users reporters digging through log files trinita bug issues or getting millions of lurch just flooding your inbox and ruining your day with wilmore's full stack air monitoring you get the context insight and control you need to find and fix bugs faster adding reward your python app is as easy as pip install roll bar you can start tracking production errors and appointments in eight minutes or less are you considering self hosting tools for security or compliance reasons and you should really check out robards compliant sas option get advanced security features and meet compliance without the hassle of self hosting including hippo eyeso two seven zero one privacy shield and more they'd love to give you a demo give bar tried today go to talk by dot fm slash robot and check him out yeah when i hear people working with challenges in their code or problems they have converting number one is there's some package i depend upon and it's it's not working but number two strings it seems like that that catches a lot of people especially if they're working at the network layer where they're getting bites off the network and then they wanna do string likes is really ultimately supposed to represent a string or something joe shoes we support the decision in python three to change the cool types i think it was the right choice.

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