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All right were good. Hang on all right before it gets to the episode. Because i'm really excited. I've been this minute. I tell The dutch quite all right. We got a new episode. I the sponsors head. Over to wsj.com toll show dot com. Go check out a complete list of the sponsors there. I wanna thank you of them now. Blackwater ammunition rhino metals galco leather holsters gallo technologies pulsar thermal imaging technology. Go check out. Pulsar enforce i wanna thank everybody complete list of the sponsors on underneath. Please click support the show by supporting the sponsors. What's up darrell. Want to thank all of you guys Today's special special guest today one of my dear friends in the ufc. We got the one. And only cody statement now. He's here for a specific reason. We're gonna get into some shit talk but he's here for a specific reason. We're here to open these prison cards. Been promoting them the ufc's burn promote them. He's excited i'm excited. Were fucking deal. So we're gonna open some prism cards today and we're going to get into it. I'm excited to bring this to you. But i to get into. I wanna get into this. I'm going to open the box. But i wanna talk to your training. You getting ready lately. You've been picking a little bit of a beef with a certain so-called individual you wanna talk about it. Tacking john sean. O'malley sugar sean. O'malley yesterday the jester. Let's get into that for a second. I mean it's just the everything. I hate about social media in the sport. I mean listen you go to a big party. He's the fucking clown that everybody knows but nobody actually respects. You know what i mean. At least not from my from where i am like fighters do not care for the guy i mean not even. I mean even guys on his team. Don't care for the guy i mean. People have reached out to me that are close to them. Nobody likes the guy and he tells me he's probably personally just a piece of shit and honestly did you got another man tack dude sixty nine on you if i if i didn't like him before i can never like him now. No damn i think he's an interesting one for for you and i'd love to see it. I hope it happens. I know you hope it happens. I hope it happens. I think it should. I mean i'd root for you all right. We got these cards. I'm going to try to get. We'll try to get the angle and we're going to zoom in. So if i open one that's like a well we're gonna open..

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