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I thought matched the night. I was blown away by how good it was and the amount of stuff that involves all five guys as well so many spots involving multiple people. I just thought excellent excellent by all parties involved. And you know. I think a couple of things number one. Johnny gargano is probably more popular now than he ever has been was listening real closely to the audience. Because with that match you have your five top guys. It and some of them weren't top guys before the pandemic and some of them have been top guys for a while. And i'm like i want to hear it again. It's a small group but it's the biggest group we've had in the capitol wrestling center ever loved. Johnny gargano loved. Pete done pete done is blah loved. Pete done could be an x t champion for the crowd. that's watching. I don't know if you know. I you i mean i think pete done is great. When he's got mike himself. I liked it. He doesn't say much. But if you need promos and you want. Pete done to continue to be the strong silent type. Maybe there's some way to get a manager behind him you know. I don't know i don't think he needs it. I just think p don's beloved pedone his beloved and could could have won last night and it would have been good for business. cole of horses adam cole. I was surprised by the reaction. To kyle. O'reilly it was not as strong as i thought it would be. And that's not kyle's fault adult kyle. O'reilly has been knocking out of the park. Every time but in that building the fans did not react the same way for kyle riley that they did for johnny gargano and that they did for pizza. Adam call and talk about we all know and could be a star on any brand anywhere in the world. Like adam calls the guy ankles the face of annexed. Anna nicole is is it. But i mean people say they like. Oh there's a you can tell shawn michaels working with adam cole. Ankle is the shawn michaels of annex. Like amy amcol is it. But i wonder what the carol riley thing if that's just because they haven't had a chance again with the bill. They weren't a part of the kyle o'reilly singles build. So does that mean. There's going to be this moment of. Yeah we'll get there but you have to let us be there for the bill. I don't know and i wonder with carrying cross. I'm a fan of carrying cross. I love what he's doing. The brutality stiffness the power. I mean. I think he's believable. I love his facial expressions. I love his suplex is. I love his submissions. I love the way you put someone in a sliver but he was still selling his fingers at broken them. I carrying crosses great. However i'm gonna tell you. Honestly what i heard in the capital wrestling center and at the finish when carrying cross jumped in and put the choke hold on kylo riley and put him to sleep and fans realized. Oh this is the finish kyle. O'reilly almost had adam. Cole tapped out and then carrying cross came and put kyle to sleep as soon as kerry and put that sleep on kyle o'reilly the fans in the building realized it was the finish and they started booing and it was an interesting boo because it didn't feel in that moment leg it was. They were booing. The he'll it felt like an x t may have something similar to what the main roster had with roman reigns a couple years ago. Which by the way could mean that. They also have something that could evolve into. What roman reigns is today to be. Compared to roman reigns is not an insult but an t is never had a champion that the fans were not behind on a kind of meta level. They've had he'll champions but the fans were behind them as a character. And i when i heard that reaction for the first time i was like and i've obviously i've read the online criticisms but unlike criticisms or online criticisms. It is what it is. There's a couple about me. Every now. And then but when i heard the reaction i thought I wonder if this is gonna rare. It's ugly head. I don't know we won't know until they're back in an arena to tell you the truth. Hopefully that's him. There's obviously there's great. American bash coming july six. I want to say the tuesday though. That's television show is a special television show But you know there's rumors about there being a takeover summerslam weekend. Nobody knows for sure. The rumors are that could be the capitol wrestling center. It could be somewhere else. I think august is a long way away. So we'll find out. I loved ending with regal and the story. I love my. I love me some stories. I hope it means with the rumors are true. I seen sean ross sap right all about it. I hope it means that. Samoa joe is coming in to be onscreen as some kind of character. Next year i think that would that would push everything forward quite a bit. And if so i would definitely start politicking to get samoa joe on some pre shows too. 'cause my god would i love although i kind of liked you know bald sam being on a takeover stage for the first time and having two guys next to him that were smaller. I look like a goddamn giant on that. Takeover pre show stage. I look like a big intimidating man. When i was standing next to jimmy smith. I didn't look short but.

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