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On the patriots to really weren't clearly weren't ready for five plays seventy one yards capped by a five yard touchdown run by devonta freeman you know hey that to prevent inside the but they starts out was left hill stores unless this is this is when that speed linda really start to show years start subban and you start to think the somehow knowing a might be in trouble here i have my lead written and was all based on the falcons being the head and shoulders above the patriots in athleticism and speed and dion jones was playing like a man possessed in the first quarter he didn't he made that's trip happen on the gare blunt and and that was a huge play in the game the patriots had a chance to take control that was at least the template swing if not more in in the they could jones i was ready you one thing our i was like it was kind of greatest even those numbers weren't insane every catch that julio jones made was but man us like it was the best receiver out his their out mickey in his best plays on the biggest stage anyway and it was cool to see and matt ryan watching him lives or you know one of things that you appreciate his throwing the ball like seconds before these guys break on their routes the anticipation and that continuity in the distant synchronize city between real ryan and jones doesn't amazing thing to say and and there was taken plays like that to be good coverage from the patriot i was one of the the things i was fun being in the stadium watching this because you got a real good a gauge both tom brady as well just his arm strength and some of the throws that you maybe you don't you don't fully appreciate on television see the way they throat across the field and how tyler palka was not making that throw let alone you know ryan fitzpatrick tight yet to be special tied the guy so then the patriots get the ball back three and out they go three and out the falcons get the ball and they go down the field again and this is when greg's get.

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