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Is eleven twenty. Well, the reality of politics is sometimes allies lose and primary day could provide governor Cuomo with some mixed feelings if he wins it was back in one thousand nine hundred eighty two when Westchester county executive L del Bello scored an upset to win the Lieutenant governor's race. But they'll Bella was not the preferred candidate of governor. Mario cuomo. Eventually resigned. The prospect of a split ticket is again becoming a possibility says I own a college political scientists genie's they know Cynthia Nixon's running mate city council member Jimani Williams is running a competitive race with Lieutenant governor Kathy Hokuto. The support of the city certainly Democrats in the city of name recognition down there. I also think we have to get Williams credit. He's really strong campaign Cuomo Williams, stick it could transform state politics, as we know it say, no says if Williams feels emboldened to speak out against Cuomo on certain issues. His position and expanded. In the way, we seen some vice president of the United States. Do you know, it can either be limited or expansive as the person wants, Steve burns, WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty some drivers on Long Island are not able to park where they should and actually got punished in a way, they should not have the closure of the parking garage near the extremely busy LA double our station here in hicksville leaves drivers looking for alternative places to park and some chose the Broadway mall. But for nearly three dozen they found their cars booth in an illegal practice of the town of oyster bay supervisor Joseph salad, Dino. Wow. Town. Illegal the company that booted the cars had to take the boots off and refund customers who paid the fines. So the question where to park while the garages closed for nearly three months. Four. Parking lot. And we'll be running shuttle budget continuously. Four PM nine PM. The garage had to be closed after drivers complained of cracks concrete falling onto vehicles and leaks. Since it opened in twenty.

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