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I believe going to be doing. Podcast as well checks things out after games. So we're excited. I mean it's a new season. The raiders revamped where revamped. Let's go let's go. One thing that really stood out to me was putin really pumped up rather were. He said he's after a great start. We love him. I have no doubt about him. So you know. here's the number seventeen. Pick a lot of people think he was a reach raiders. Thing he's gonna be a standout now. The guy new england to brown today he went on the. I are not the pup. But he's starting. The new season injured like he was a lot with the raiders. This is why he's not there right. So let's see leatherwood. It's very interesting. That gruden pointed him out. He talked about the secondary of post about that up right now on silver and black pride and you know he says hey upset for you. Know not worth the price of mission there He basically he said he's excited. He's fired up specs to be a strength of corby. Also you know pointing out. That should be because they have so much. Invested in high draft picks and these guys got it come through so i think he's going to be very frustrated if not and he and he but he's leases and being he knows that it's all set up so i found that to be interesting. Divined the elbows out for a couple of weeks. We've been knee issue we. That's the first time we heard about that. He's on the ppo. Advise johnson dairy stills out of a back probably early next week so that's not too serious so i'm just gonna go bouncing bounce around what's going on the last week and in go into today's stuff to wanna take a moment to mccook dolan to to family and friends players fellow coaches greg. Knapp napper madame. Before good guy you know you hear that. He's good guy while he was a good guy. You know i have people might personal. Have that knew that played softball with them thirty years ago and they still keep in touch with him and his family. So you know just a tragic accident Two time former raiders. Coach gregg nab. Rip our best wishes to his family. Go on a little bit here. But it's important for me to take a moment tip bernard burner which is going to be. The running backs. Coach is into quality control. Coach kids over for kirby wilson who retired Look this guy. Governor quality control coach. But he's he's he. He joined the team with gruden for years ago. Eighteen years coach. He was with gruden in tampa bay. So this guy. He's a he's right pick. I mean you never wanna make a change like that that late but if you do you're forced to at least bring somebody who's been in the program. The players are familiar with. Because you know the. I mean we're we're at training camp so the process began months ago. So that makes sense. You talk about that gesture. Bill associated press derek carr only had one touchdown pass with the lead last year. So the raiders got the lead and he only threw one touchdown pass. That's only happened twice three times in the last ten years in the nfl. Gordon associated press and one other time. It happened two thousand eighteen. Derek carr alab abuse eos car. I think it's mostly jon gruden. A he gets a little. You also going to keep your foot on the gas. I think there's something goons going to have to do more and if you say no it's car well look at again. Apn staff and cars. I four years in the nfl. He threw a total of eighteen. Touchdown passes with the lead and these were in grade teams..

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