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It's like stop you gotta you gotta disciplined by bringing up pump it up man you know what he did water that feels so now for pump it up blessing and curse song right right but but if it's also not bad it's not a terrible so he's never had another hit single right right right but he has a whole bunch of the joint on that that his solo album like the last one. I think it was like seven minutes or something like joe's like introspective and like a really good rapper. He could do it all but yeah. I mean it's like he's gerald us. They told us in all these lists always and i was like man. I'm not i'm not gonna that what this is what they pops <music> out. You know it's like it's like it's like you could do with any lists like you could do n._f._o. Quarterbacks you could be right. Tom brady all right then <hes> you know joe montana number trying terry bradshaw fred shaw number three and it's like it does it is is just enough of a troll to make people argue and that's the that's the trick you know the hypothetical list and you're the one who made it up and even your cell say terry bradshaw third you about to lose your bod writer. That's crazy uh-huh. He didn't win for super bowl for its own omit woodland high school which if you've been shreveport la it's changed. I i also think robert parish went to would lie. I think so yes also st kitts. Y'all wonder why he always look like that. Hey look man. He had he had to go through a brush. You know the story about robert parish sitting there. Oh man right yeah the basically something to come up and if i'm not mistaken in particular is wrong with this close enough the s he w made it clear that if you took robert perish everybody's taking the reason was that you will on probation right. There was something surrounding scenario's like we'll take him and his friends. Whatever sitting there you know what i mean man i mean he he his his friend is probably the second best player squad of robert. Whatever but again right they weren't and they were right. They never were one hundred percent correct correct that it was never going to be like that. Chain gives a little bit here. I wanna ask you about this. Have you seen n._c._w._a. Aa thing we're rich paul. I'm curious. What i'm going to give you my thought and i wanna see what you think so the people who haven't seen this the n._c._w._a. And i don't think this matters as much as people are making it out to but basically guys if they declare for the draft and they they tow in there now going to allow them to have agents while they do that. As part of the problem was cats were doing this. I'm testing the waters thing but in order to properly test the waters you kind of need an agent like you need to fly places. You know you need you need all those things and so now they wanted. They let them get agents. Okay coup but then they put a set of restrictions on the agent and the first one was age. You must have a college degree right at which point people are like oh. Y'all really just trying to keep rich paul at game bras early. Think here's where i disagree with a one visiting. Keep the cast. The rich paul wants not dipping toey all right yeah. I got to see what my stock you know. They're coming out right. The other part is i don't know enough about aging game to know. Rich ain't the only one out here who doesn't have a college college degree right. I'm sure there are others that are in the same position is rich where i feel like they not so much trying to stop rich as much as they tried to stop the next rich right right right that makes sense i mean i guess i would need to know like what does having a college degree actually have to do with being agent. You know what i mean like. 'cause i mean clearly they are trying to like..

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