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Welcome to let's talk dementia. Here is your host bestselling author Carol. Caregivers I'm Carol Hal. In this is let's talk dementia well in our last episode. I told you that we would talk about wellbeing naked. I didn't get into it in that episode. So we're going to cover that today. Well be naked is something we were experiencing the minute we were born right. We all came into this world without close and Somebody hit us on the bottom and we cried and life went on But as we age a little bit we soon discover that running around naked is just not accepted impolite company but it does happen with dementia. So let's talk about that a little bit and some stories and how you handle it. What your responses might be. We you got to recall that our folks with advancing dementia Are Losing the ability to know what is appropriate was inappropriate now that ability is is formed inhaled right here in the frontal lobe. That is the last part of the brain to develop on a male on a female it has fully developed somewhere around the age of eighteen for a male. It's not until the age of twenty one. Now that would explain. Why more teenage boys in early twenty year old boys get in trouble then their counterpart females. Why a twenty one year old or twenty year old or nineteen year old might drive down the main drag eighty five miles an hour and a female of the same age is going to be the speed limit. It truly is. This part of their brain is not fully developed for them to say you know if I drive. Eighty five miles an hour down that road One probably GONNA get caught by the police to could hurt somebody and in my daddy finds out. He's going to be my right. They're gonNA think that. The twenty the females go. Well that would just be done because the speed limit is forty five. I'm going to do the speed limit. We always knew that women think better than men Bentley. Yeah pretty much. That's my theory on it. But it is that that part of the brain not fully developed. So that's also the part of the brain that helps you know What is socially acceptable? And what is socially unacceptable things that you can say to your husband that you would never say to your priest or rabbi a preacher Jokes that you could tell that. Maybe we probably shouldn't be telling him anyway but you would certainly not tell him in Sunday school. That's all right here in the frontal lobe told you about frontal temporal lobe dementia. That is the disease that affects the Frontal Lobe. Temporal Lobe and those folks have very few filters left to know what's appropriate inappropriate. But because part of the brain is so drastically affected now with Alzheimer's that wryness effected also not as much as with frontal temporal lobe dementia. But still it is affected so we lose our filters I can tell you my sweet. Mama had a certain word. She liked to say a whole lot and She had to up and she liked to say that she never have said one of them. She would never have said but she said it and it landed on me not so well the one word up at you and guess what it is but that was not mama. Her filter was gone and she was losing that ability to. That's not a word that we should say. Although which she said she would give every time. I don't know the woman was funny But also knowing what to do not just what disabled what to do that's appropriate and inappropriate has taken all your clothes off and running through the house right. You just don't do that if there's other people in the house But our folks with dementia might not think I should put on road before I go out stark naked into the living room where there's company it makes me think of a story that I've told before you'll hear it again here but A friend of ours that his dad had dementia and I don't know what comedy had dementia. And he had gotten a shower and he got out of the shower and the sign said to the dad. Or grandad whichever. Now don't go out to we got all your private parts. Covered up in the sun went. I don't know to the closet or something to get a towel. And before he could turn around dad had walked out in he covered his private so he thought and he said Paul. I've covered up my privates and he had laid a wash cloth across his chest in the rest of glory. Just showing right. And they're said balls wive and children in their granddaddy with everything show except with a little bit. He had covered with the wash call where he had covered his quote privates on his chest. Yes so sometimes figuring out what's appropriate inappropriate to problem. But that's why that part of the brain is drastically affected so think about that McCain another reason votes might take their clothes off their itchy. They're uncomfortable remember. Have told you the fat pads disappear and they become less than the nerve endings are more sensitive. Because they're more topical and scratchy. Close just feel really Yucky and just gotTa get it off. This stuff feel good that is thrown away or donated pieces of clothing that were really pretty but they drove you. Bumpers crazy when you wore them in so for our folks with dimension. That is more of a problem. That's why you gotta be aware of soft clothing. Are you putting off closing on folks? I know a lady that after lunch in her last probably two months of life in her memory care community she would stand up finished Pusher Chair in stand up and start taking her clothes off starting with her pants in her depends. She pulled them all down in one swift movement. It was quite amazing. How agile she could be at that point in there. She would stay and she did it every day. I think what was going on this lady now. I don't know wish us full. She was tired. She was ready for a change so she did that. It was just a reaction to what was going on in herself. She didn't do it to draw attention to herself. Believe me not this woman. It wouldn't have been the case now. She did draw attention to herself. In fact the other residents would say baddies naked again. Betty's naked and it got to finally the staff we go okay. She's about finish. Let's help get her up. Get her to Aruba's we don't she's going to start streaking but why did she do it was? She didn't do it to irritate staff or to draw attention to herself. Her brings damaged and it was being drastically damaged day by day. She was in late stage. Alzheimer's you could not expect her to do. What is appropriate or acceptable because that frontal lobe of her Branko very I just miss my hair pointing to my or hidden But anyway accuracy that was Miss Betty. She she was a trip and I did love her in enjoy being with her but she would take her clothes off minute so I know a husband and wife who used to sing in assisted living and They Sang Gospel Music. He played the guitar. She saying. They were saying the song I saw the light I saw the light. I saw the light. No more in darkness but anyway they were saying in that and Up comes this may just running through the dining room where they were saying stark naked. Not a piece of anything on. The man blamed the guitar saying instead of saying and I saw the moon to write because he was being moved by. This Guy Looks Kinda funny but the guy did not do it for attention. He did not so getting angry at our folks because they're taking all their clothes off is just not to any good. They're not doing it for any reason. Besides either they can't think it through their closer uncomfortable. It's just something that's hey wonder what would happen if I took that off or via undone of took my pants off what would happen. They're not thinking it through so not. Don't be upset Upset with him which you say instead is well. It does look like you just took your panties off. You're standing hair without shirt on. Maybe we should go find your shirt. Would you like to have an APP? You just finished lunch. Maybe it's time for goodness. Let's just go on Dab your woman in let's get you rating. Let you take a nap. Maybe they're hungry. Maybe that's why they've done it. Maybe there that's the only way they can get attention. There's something going on. They're not happy about they. Take their clothes off. Maybe they're hungry. Maybe they're bored. Maybe they're in pain. Maybe they're thirsty. They are reacting to something. Your reaction needs to be able by. Golly you got your pants off now is there something I can do. Make you feel better would you? Would you like something to drink? Are a little bit hunger July some popcorn or would you like a nap. These kinds inquisitive questions that you can ask them to potentially sue. They can respond that. Yom Thirsty and they may not be able to respond and if they can't respond then you still want to kindly take him into the room. Get them redress kindly and maybe offer them something to drink. See if they joined it ask him. They need to go the bathroom in find out if that's what it was. There's generally something going on there responding to in if they're just uncomfortable they won't take off their clothes just uncomfortable and we'll take off their clothes. Just deal it you get them to bed. Let him lay down become to any no. We don't have to have close on time anyway if we're in the bed in we're comfortable naked. They may have slept naked every night of their wife in here. You WANNA put him to bed with their depends on in their pajamas. Top on their Pajama bottom on in socks on. And if they don't want they don't want it S. My Dad used to say one hundred years from now. Nobody's connote the difference. It's not gonNa Affect Life that much. So sometimes we just got a chill pill but we would really appreciate for those of you who do know better to keep your clothes on okay. You guys have a great day buses files. Let's talk. Dementia would like to thank our sponsors National Association of Veterans and families. You can reach them at eight hundred three five to to nine one nine on the Internet at. Www dot n. a. v. f. Dot. Org They speak veterans. So you don't have to and you tell them Carol Saint You. When you call inquire about benefits for the veteran spouse of the veteran or both editor bed. You can find Ms Beth crosby editor Beth Dot Com. She is amazing. Looking at what you've written in making sure represents you will find her at. Www dot editor Beth dot com and HD imports located on Flint Street extension in Rock Hill South Carolina. 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