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Seventy three degrees right now at NewsRadio. WFL a the trial of the man facing a murder charge for dropping his daughter of a bay bridge hits a snag John. John Chuck's defense team said it had only three of its possible. Seventeen witnesses available today and judge Chris hellinger had a stern warning in reply the aspects fair trial, Jerry. Exasperated angry because they're getting ask the time. We quit. Herb. Nerve side. John Chuck's lawyers. Did not dispute the John Chuck dropped his five year old daughter to her death for years ago. But we'll try to prove that he was insane. At the time. The remaining witnesses are expected to testify about his mental illness Florida moved a step closer to letting teachers carry guns in classrooms Nineteen-year-old, Alison, she was in tears as she testified against the Bill allowing teachers to have concealed weapons at school. She's a graduate of Marjory stoneman Douglas high school and survivor of the parkland massacre. Now, we're here over a year since the worst day of my life tumor students, friends, right? Arming? Teachers does not prevent the danger in schools teachers and students testified against the Bill in a two hour hearing. But in the end it made no difference the pistol-packing teacher Bill passed five to three along party lines. It's one step closer to becoming law. Rick leg, Tallahassee. The owner of the New England Patriots Robert Kraft wants a jury to decide his fate on charges that he paid for sex acts at a day spa in Jupiter in the aftermath of the Asian spa, sexting that caught craft and more than a dozen others. Florida lawmakers plan to attack human trafficking by targeting the John's Republican Representative Toby over door for palm city sponsors, a Bill that imposes minimum mandatory sentences for anyone convicted soliciting sex it provides for a ten day sentence and also provides for a thirty day consecutive.

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