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The baseball season is different in length so you can take two weeks when you're up that big essentially off mentally i'm not saying that i'm not giving him an awesome excuse for it i still think you gotta run through the tape as a general rule but there's obviously been some level of just mental lapse where they recognize that onto win these games and in baseball is different from basketball in for football and football you can't do this for a week the cost of while you're done right you just can't do it it baseball you literally can basically take a month off when you're up fifth when you're up 25 games and that's what they've they've done that they've done that i just need at some point and maybe dave roberts could explain the better than us been let lissy of dave whose his his whole thing since you've been gone has been look i promise you win when the division we're going to be fine we have to play better baseball i believe in the town on this team at that sprint right he's been very steady let's let's hear him last night you know that first at that set the tone celli blackman competed had a good at bat of seven a pitch base it up the middle and then the mayhew put together good or bad double right there and you know then with aaron auto tries he tries to go away with a fastball leaks said middle and you're down three zero so it happened quickly and um you know outside of that he kept competing and those guys obviously got the pitch count up and down you know clayton you did what he did and competed as it to the to the and and i think for me to get him up four times to try to build that pitch down in some way but not go to extreme with him in this situation it's kind of ai it's a tough on tonight and down.

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