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Creativity and innovation those words get tossed around a lot businesses want to innovate and that takes creative people but what does it mean to be creative are are some people born that way and others not is there a formula for being creative is a creative person someone who comes up with a great idea or someone who merely recognizes one or is it both in any event if you are more creative that certainly seems to give you an advantage in today's world roger von ac has been speaking in teaching the concepts of creativity for a long time often to some of the most innovative companies in the world including apple ibm microsoft and many more he wrote one of the first legendary books on how creativity works called a wack on the side of the head and i think you'll have you thinking differently about yorker creativity by the time our conversation is done hey roger so in a nutshell what is creativity it to your way of thinking well i i think you probably end your listeners advocate come up with their very own as well uh body could come up with one hundred different definition but my favorite is that basically looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different so taking an idea a concept and object and putting it in a fresh on context like um i'm holding up pen in my hand and um it's a writing instrument but if i say oh what what other context can i put it in it could be a pointer a whole punch at back scratcher an advertising medium and so that uh pretty much why quicken dirty definition of creative thinking now i'd also add to that that up i think it's fairly easy to come up with new ideas ah i think uh if you're gonna make a difference it's also important to uh implement the ideas too.

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