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I can tell you ten companies that are on gum broker right now under fake names man i i honestly i cutthroat world too. Because it's like you. You are on all these distribution sites and it's like you have that you could clearly tell making all these horrible reviews about you and it's like you've never even placed an order with us but are you talking about. We're constantly on the fight all this backlash on these website writing into the administration because our our will our customer service show to my wife She's on all if you talk to our customers search talked. You talked to wreck call. I'm just in the garage door right. Don't scoot off screen. Scrutiny screen oscar. you're you're sliding move slide. This way slide this way come this scoot. This vote coming offramp. Now pull your mic over to their better now. Lean back so. When i changed pictures i want you both in the shop. So now how we're gonna lose. I feel is going to go down that road. But it's going to be ten or fifteen year road in a lot of it is going to be the acquiescing that we've done in. The problem is the people that we have standing and putting their foot in the ground in the fight aren't the right people because they don't know how to have the conversation because were because they were created. Okay the people that you see outspoken about the gun industry in the people that are quote unquote leaders of the gun industry. That are out there. Speaking right now and i brought up. There's other names that have been mentioned. Even in the comments dredge they are not in your best interest. They want to sell mugs. They want to sell t shirts. They don't give faulk about the second amendment and they don't give a fuck about freedom of speech they care about their pr guy and what next show they can be on this meat. That's that's okay but we just have to change it. Tell me how the surely educate keep talking people with with platforms invoices dead that worry about. I honestly believe deep in my heart by giving america ammo. I'm being patriot. I really do think that yeah. I take pride in my job. I stamp i put a sticker stamp. Your rare and you actually create something. I honestly i just repackaged. Something right even started creating. but but you're creating some the point is what are they creating like what what. Let me ask you a question. Like what is dana. Loesch selling besides book and a mug what is call nawar selling besides the book mug. Yeah we'll find different people..

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