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Here's a taste of something that you missed from the Doug Gottlieb show. There are some realities to sports which people. Sometimes you have to get your head around. I said this about clay Travis offered up the hypothetical. Hey, why don't the Lakers trade? Lebron james. And wall as of right now that wouldn't be easy trade. Lebron James, Randi names is great but much like Anthony Antonio Brown. But you just you can't you can't build your entire advertising campaign season ticket base sell advertisements on your your own cable channel when you trade away. Lebron james. Doesn't work new realities of just like the realities of business are that they can't sit. Lebron? I've heard people like Jay Williams suggested. Hey, sit Lewis shut LeBron now for the year like the realities of business. Are you can't do that? He had people give good pigs. Good money to come and see LeBron James your season ticket holders, pay good money parking. They pay for their seat license. They pay for their seats. They wanna see LeBron James. And if you take that away it's like man, really we're gonna shut G league. Like, no, we've been doing that the past five years, we're not doing that. Now. So they're going to limit his minutes. So that he'll play more games. Shut him down back to back to back which mostly they'll shut them down on whatever the road game is a back to back because more important about their season. Ticket pays more about their cable network. I mean, that's that's the kind of realities of business. And until you can wrap your head around. I've heard there's some discussion to get the rest of what Doug said podcast searching the Doug Gottlieb show. And as always you can hear the dugout leaves show. Weekdays at three eastern, noon Pacific right here on Fox Sports radio. Peaceful. In your face. So he always takes responsibility and never calls out. Anyone doesn't deserve. Do. You think is the worst at their job. I mean, it's definitely me too. He's clay Travis smart formative people's fifty per sexiest man alive. That's shocking. Outkick the coverage with clay Travis and it's right here. Eastern Pacific on Fox Sports radio. Jason Smith with Mike Harmon, the rockets have been red hot. If one of the teams now going to take over and take the west, I can see the rockets winning a bunch of games in a row. The warriors. I can see them losing two three a couple of times shocking. I can see the rockets coming out of the west with a one c because I can see play that way. Jason Smith Mike Harmon. AM eastern seven PM at Fox Sports radio. Talk about it. I'll say this right now, it's about the sport. And you're listening to it. That's what you do your player. Just.

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