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You they were back your lewis lobi showing a happy birthday peter gabriel day here thank you dragon thing called thymine a you familiar with timing drag the weren't talking at the time there was perfect so be are peter gabriel's birthday sixty eight bat a big career with not only genesis than a big solo career and i really like him as an artist utterly everything he does but i certainly like his artistic musical ability does he felt tour i don't know it's been awhile i haven't noticed in the last couple of years but a few years later gabriel yeah he he toured would staying i saw my two years ago has been a few years i think maybe even last year i saw trying to growing yeah it was either last year the air before but it's been pretty reset he's planned tomorrow in rome also well yes yes to a europe and then he's playing again march 16th in rome why this can be right says peter gabriel dates when the door 14th thing imperial i've been watching bits and pieces of that eric clapton documentary on show it's called my life in twelve bars is really good especially if you're a fan of him i i'm a big creamed fan i like cream allott uh some of the eric clapton solar stuff i could take her leap but cream was a thing cream was rooms cream together far not long just a couple years couple of albums they they ended up the couldn't stay at each other and that you work with ginger baker yeah he was better when i met at said human nightmare japan a in i i like ginger he used to live here we're friends which is shocks me that year friends at them because he wasn't even nice no foot abbey he was gift varieties crabby but he was cool to me well i wouldn't even say he was cool i think he was not even pleasant he was he was even cordial now we've we've had it we had a couple of good time because the way he talks to people in general is not polite we we were to launch a few times and had some really good conversations about music cream but he was very bitter there is no doubt about it i mean he come on the show and he was just bitter and the way he talks tippy by was always talking down and so creed than last for long.

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