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Cash when your campaign began though it was looking quite good for her she struggled to find a consistent message on Medicare for all four other matter so she leaving this campaign here just a couple weeks before the next debate out in California it also allows her to not be on the ballot in California course a big super Tuesday states it preserves her political strength going for that scores Monday Jeff Zeleny a Brooklyn man being sentenced in connection with the car crash that killed the newly engaged couple on Long Island here's Liz Warner Mel Watkins was sentenced to eighteen years to life in prison for the killing of twenty one year old yes rail Levin and his twenty year old fiancee Alysheba Kaplan last year in in what authorities say walk ins was driving more than twice the speed limit on the Nassau expressway when he crossed over the double yellow lines and struck the couple's car head on Levin in Kaplan were returning home from a Passover gathering and were set to be married two months after they were killed I'm Liz Warner for seventy seven W. ABC news so you've heard of a wishing well now a wishing wall will be set up on one of the plans as every day until December twenty ninth people will be asked to write their wishes for the new year on the actual confetti that's released at midnight on new year's eve it will be three thousand pounds worth as over one million revellers celebrate twenty twenty on the ground below a report published earlier this month the suggested that up to twelve thousand homeless people have been relocated to thirty two states and create a Rico under a special one time assistance program but the lawsuit contends that more than one thousand of those families have been relocated to to Newark without any official notice to the city and in violation of interstate commerce rules New York officials say in many cases individuals are forced to sign leases without having inspected the property and that many such apartments suffer from vermin in best station in major construction problems like damage ceilings.

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