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Are smaller keyboard. Junior is about half the size of a standard. You're actually about two thirds of the size. But it doesn't come with a pocket clip of our pockets titanium and it doesn't come with the extended screws to get you twelve keys. Only hold five keys and it can be extended. It doesn't come with everything you need and Twenty dollars are injury and then they go up to the world's most expensive keyhole we have which is solid silver with fifty seven black diamonds. And he gets crazy. This is worth cast. I'm noah graph our guest on. Today's show is mike. Taylor inventor and owner of key bar. A key bar is an organizer for keys and other tools that fold out in a style similar to that of a swiss army knife. Mike is continuously focused on innovating and building. his rapidly. Growing brand one of the keys to his creative process is constantly learning and playing with new technology and equipment. 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Mike taylor owner and founder of key bar in savannah georgia. Welcome to the show mike. How's it going pleasure to be here. Thank you thanks so much for doing it. I actually met mike last week. He contacted us about a tornado. Swiss machine reselling a gt twenty six and Got to learn about his company and it seems like it's it's really a a special thing and people in our audience. They're always interested in learning about other companies that have products some people. Consider that like the holy grail. If only i had a great products and obviously there's positives and negatives about everything just to get started. I want to get a quick summary of what a key bar is herman. Then then we'll talk a little bit about the story of it. And then all of grill you about the specifics. Keep our is basically like a multi tool style key holder. so it's a key holder comes in all different types of nonferrous metals. Where you can get everything from aluminum up to titanium and whatever your choices are there so you take it apart. Put your keys inside of it and expandable so you can put more keys less keys and then we make about. I'd say about thirty different tools to go into it as you know. We're always adding different accessories and different things to add to it on has a pocket clip so the full sized keyboard comes with the pocket clip. And there's three pocket clip options for your reference carry won't for people listening and most of the people on this are listening. Correct me if it's not a very good way of summarizing it but it kinda reminds you of a swiss army knife no blades but keys. Maybe a blade thrown in here. But that's how it opens up like. Switch it up and there's a different key or a different tool. Would you say that's a good way of putting it. Yeah perfect example but Kind of like a jack knife you know you. Think of a jackknifed pay folding knife right to keep our kind of started. Because i got into customer knives and making pocket knives and i wasn't a very good knife maker and i was like man but i can make a keyhole right so just getting started. That was what i did and Actually working in the hotel industry right. I love the story. So give us the origin. Now you were. You were working in a hotel. Yeah we didn't even actually tell you the whole story so it's a website but basically one day. I went to the restroom. And i went to ten stall now. Drop my pants and three stalls down. Somebody said hey mike when we're going to watch you. Were working as the head of maintenance at a hotel yeah. It was a director of engineering four Four hotels at the time. And so i ran the maintenance department so you had a lot of keys at fifteen keys and screwdrivers and all kinds of stuff and mainly the keys and so everywhere i went. I was holding my keys and they were jingle genuine right. Soak that day when he asked me. When we're going to launch from three stalls down. I was like yeah. I'm gonna fix this problem and another issue. I was having is i would go into the shop of like this everybody would be working and when i got in there you know it was wasn't a lot of work to be done and so they would hear me human and they would just all hustle to start working because i heard my case so it was really fun. Yeah i Had a problem. And i solved it all of a sudden everybody wanted him and it just kind of exploded that first couple years at a time. I didn't know anything about machines. So we're on a machine podcast right. Didn't i had zero knowledge of a emil backup. Mike backup so okay. You had this problem and then you went home one day. And what were you looking at a pocket knife. And then this a whole nother. Podcasts this actually. It did start with pocket knives and i actually taught pocket knives There was a contest of karma. Pumpkin show a video. You carving it with us and you could win all these. It was like six thousand dollars worth deniers from about thirty different people long story short. I carved a pumpkin underwater and won all these knives and then i was introduced into the knife world and then so i was like this is amazing and one of those things. One was a to blades show. So that's like our i. Mts right knife is the biggest night show in the world. every anybody. who's anybody in. A nice industry is at the show. And i got thrown into it head. You know you got. I got to see all these different processes that and heard about things machines and tools and materials. I had never heard of before. And so i took some material home and i made a keyboard out of end so then everybody wanted to keep our and then it became a business which i was never expecting it to be it was it was dissolved. My problem and when. I was making more money at night grinding these things. 'cause i was going. Hey i was going to home depot by bar stock again. I was saying. I didn't know what a grinder i didn't know what a machine was. I had no idea so. I was going at home. Depot by bar stock grinding. It out on a one by thirty from harbor freight drilling holes and holes. And i was making these things by hand originally and found out about water jedi ernie and then there is company locally order jed and he made for me. I still had to do all the corner. Radiuses and tapping and everything then found out about cnc machines and it went it just it just keeps going and every day..

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