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Is we keep that money here. So you take a program like Medicare where you know, I think all out from the federal side. It's about $27 billion annually. Well, it's just a drop in the bucket compared to the 103 260 billion that we over the end of the federal system that we never see right now. So You know that these issues that are being used to scare people from the opposition are really just a sham. We saw it happen during the Brexit debate with Project fear. They predicted doom and gloom. They predicted that the day after the Brexit vote, everyone would be fighting and loincloths and the Thunderdome on the currency would evaporate and businesses with fleas. Would it all turned out to be was a lie? Absolutely are Our guest right now. Folks is Daniel Miller. He is the president of the Texas Nationalist Movement and then let's let's let's go with nuts and bolts. I know a lot of this will be decided if this happens and if and again if we're looking for five years down the road to a Texas exit, and we become a nation again. Then all of these debates are going to be had by the elected leadership inside inside of our New nation. But what about taxes? What about the division of assets? Meaning our military bases are military hardware? What about our share of the national debt? Yeah, these air, not intractable problems, right? We address so many of these issues on our website CNN dot me. Even entire Texas section where we dive off into the details about currency and you know, defense and in many of these issues, But Chris, I think what's important for everyone to understand this to give it a little context. If you were to pull out a globe and spin it around and put your finger on it. What you're going to find is a self governing independent nation state that figured all of these things out, and they did it quite well, we have. We have examples around the world that this has happened. You know, at the end of World War two that was 54 recognize. Countries around the world. And by the end of the 20th century, there were 192. Those new countries did not fall from space. The earth did not get any bigger. There were people just like you and me, you know, right here in Texas, that said, You know, we believe that the best people to govern our country are us and then they reclaimed their right of self government. But Chris let me flip this around because I want the listeners to understand and have a little perspective on this. If Texas was a free and independent nation right now, if we were self governing in it Roose Respect. We had our own military, our own currency, our own embassies or own passports. We were independent. And this was a discussion about whether or not Texas would join the union right now. How would you vote? Would you vote to join the union? And what would the case be? Oh, hell, no. Hell, hell, no. And again that they wouldn't vote to join. Then why would you ever vote to stay well, see that That's that's a great point. Because the way And that is that how I led the segment. Which was this idea that that the United States, the Texas agreed to join a representative republic, But as the Republicans have caved in, as the Socialists have taken over It's no longer the case. But last thing last thing last thing I want to ask if this this is a big if, and you and I both know it's a big if if it does happen, what allies could Texas rely upon because As you know, geopolitically, the newly formed nation of Texas would be a prize that many anti American totalitarians would love to get their hands on China, Russia. Cuba. What? Who would be allied with the the nation of Texas? Well, this Presupposes that somehow Texas leaving the union is that puts us in some adversarial position with the United States and, frankly, the other the other self governing nation states around in North America and let me stop you there because again the reason why Spoke, sir. Now entertaining. This idea of leaving the union is because of the totalitarian nature off our political enemies. The Democrat Socialist Party would sooner destroy Texas rather than see it leave because they're of the mindset. They won the battle When you you lose, you vote toe vote in socialism, You lose your rights and you lose your ability to. They need Texas to bust. It's but so they could sit on theirs, and I don't disagree that that's their attitude. But But what we have seen time and time again, especially in recent history, is that this sort of internal conflict that's happening right now among among the States and the federal government. This idea becomes almost viral, right? So if Texas begins to have this conversation, and we begin to move this ball down down the field and get closer to the goal line we can expect and are already seeing other states and other people start having this conversation. So you know when I talk about a fundamental re examination of Excess relationship with the union. I'm also including all the other states. I don't we're not unique. I think 180,000 pages of federal law and this is what Alexandra Kozel Cortez and Sheila Jackson Lee and all the rest of these leftists. This is what they and this is what Twitter's working against and this is what Facebook is working against. The idea of freedom is catching. And that's that's why they're doing their best to suppress it. Daniel Miller, president of the Texas nationalist Movement, Sir, Appreciate the time here in the cell, Saito show. Thank you so much, Chris. Telephone numbers 800 to 80 w B A P 829 2 to 7 to give you some to think about you tell me Next on WB AP Investors. 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