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Echoes down towards the South routes. 95 24 3 are looking pretty good. I'm Jack Hart WBZ 24 hour Traffic network and here's Daniel middle with the forecast Well, we will see a partly cloudy sky across the area to diet low 59 but falling into the upper forties and some of the inland suburbs. Sunshine of the mixed with some clouds for tomorrow. A stray afternoon shower eyes in the mid to upper seventies but cooler on the Cape and islands tomorrow in the sixties. Partly cloudy tomorrow night Low 56 from Monday intervals of clouds and sun with a spotty afternoon shower high 67 at the coast. But did you reach the seventies inland? Attorney Warmer Tuesday with some sunshine 77 degrees a Matthew Weather meteorologist. Danielle Middle WBZ, Boston's news radio. It's 69 degrees in Boston. Check a sports game one of the best of seven first round Syria's between the Bruins and the capital's going on in Washington right now, about two minutes left to go in the second period. This one's all tied up to the Red Sox Hammer. The Angels nine. Nothing over at Fenway today. Alex Verdugo, Zander Bogart, San Rafael Devers all home ring in the Wind. The Celtics They took down the Minnesota Timberwolves today. 1 24 Wanna wait? Jason Tatum leading the way with 26 points and 11 rebounds. The seas take on the Knicks tomorrow at one to wrap up the regular season and 11 to 1 Rombauer wins the Preakness Stakes today that ends the chances of Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit for going for a triple crown in a few weeks. It's 69 degrees in Boston at 907. Time for the Morgan Show. I'm Dan Walk. Ins WBZ Boston's news radio. This is the Morgan Show. Morgan. Why Junior call 617254 10 30 joined the group and hang up with Morgan WBC News radio 10 30 To do here We are then. Morgan. Most likely that is not your name, but Whether it is or isn't I've got a fun show planned for you this evening. And might even step up the energy because this First guest. Um, had 13 14 years of TV experience on the antique road show.

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