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Lots of amazing people that we got to connect with and the podcast, obviously was doing really well, so yes, fantastic week and our table kind of ended up being like the hang out place for some people. They would just come and chill and sit and even if we were recording. There was people that just kind of sat and worked or listened and laughed and smiled and nodded. Everyone was quiet, thankfully, and even the sound wasn't too bad at the table. So all in all I mean, it was it was pretty fun. It was pretty. Cool. I hopefully, we can lean into that kind of hang out table a bit. It is St. and making it more of a thing. Once we have a bit of better presence at a at a table. I guess yeah. No. I mean that would be fantastic. If they actually had locations for the podcasts because it did make a big difference just to have a spot where people could go to and even if it was like ours was basically in the middle of a bunch of people. The sound was still pretty dang good for having a bunch of people around you doing their own thing. One hundred percent hundred percent. So you laughed on Tuesday. Yes. And then Wednesday, I tell you I wasn't expecting to be busy at all on Wednesday a ram -i. My my coworker was was with me, and we were planning on kind of walk in the floor and looking at a bunch of things I'm gonna talk about one thing in a few minutes. But I ended up Steve ISAACs just kind of randomly said, hey, do you want to get up on stage and talk with me about east? Sports. I was like. It kind of worked out really. Well, that's crazy. It was pretty fun. I mean, we so we sat at the table and hammered out a Google slide for about four. I joked with them for about forty five minutes of prop work. I feel like we did. Okay. I mean, we kind of we know what we're talking about obviously. But we literally just sat at the table in M between two and two forty five. We figured it all out. And then we went up there at three and just laid it all down. It was pretty sweet and big decent grou- to. That's great. Yes. So east sports conversation. Yeah. I mean, we we talked about, you know, the groups and and how you can get support. If you're looking to start and kind of we talked about Steve's roadmap, and and how he's kinda implemented it already, and we talked about kind of the roles that people can play in an e sports ecosystem, the idea that not everyone has to be the actual video game player, which is a super like that's my favorite part to talk about is that not everyone doing east sports has to be playing the actual games. And in fact, there's tons of jobs and responsibilities. If you Bill that would a proper east sports ecosystem at a school. You can you can absolutely have so many different roles for people to play something that touches kind of everybody in in kind of captures almost everybody's interest. And that's I mean, that's an amazing advantage. And then we talked about the challenges thing. Things that are, you know, difficult things that you may not even be thinking about, you know, it's not just, hey, let's go play some video games at school. There's there's quite a few challenges. We talked about things even as complex as bandwidth. I mean and devices I mean, how you're gonna get twenty fifteen twenty Xboxes or twenty or fifteen different PC's that can handle the games that were playing. I mean, not every not every school PC can play overwatch right now. And most of them can't. So you you there are so many logistical questions. We don't want to scare people off, but we did want to create realistic expectations. We wanted people to understand that. It's not just about, you know, saying, hey, I want to start playing video games at school are doing east boards there. There is quite a lot to think about so hopefully, we helped we did share the Google slide if you scroll through my my Twitter feed, you'll probably see or even in the F..

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