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They protested merely by existing where they were told they couldn't at one such sit in Birmingham. King was arrested and not for the last time while behind bars, he wrote letter from Birmingham jail a manifesto on the necessity of nonviolent protest kings commitment to these principles of peace and Justice was winning him. The attention of influential mines including president John F Kennedy in a televised address the president put it bluntly, quote, the heart of the question is whether all Americans are to be afforded, equal rights. Equal opportunities. Whether we are going to try. Beat our fellow Americans as we want to be treated, and quote, king rode that wave of enthusiasm to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC on August, twenty eighth nineteen sixty three the Reverend stood before a crowd of two hundred fifty thousand people stretching the length of the National Mall in delivered words that would reverberate through history. I have a dream. One day. This nation will rise up. Live out the true meaning of its creed. We hold these twos to be self evident that all men are created. That moment that speech, solidified king is powerful voice for peace and Justice. But while the world applauded and incredibly powerful man saw something quite different. He saw threat to the established order this man had a vendetta and the means to make Martin Luther King junior's life, a waking nightmare. Coming up will look at Dr king's most formidable enemy, FBI director, j Edgar Hoover. Now back to the story. Gee, you're Hoover was a man who valued control. That's putting it mildly as the founding director of the Federal Bureau of investigation. Hoover. Ran his agency with the brutal officiency of a dictator. He was an institution unto himself in the nineteen sixties his dedication to hierarchical. Order put him at odds with the civil rights movement which sought to expand power to all the people. The main target of Hoover's suspicion was the increasingly public face of the movement, Martin Luther King junior. The public acrimony between the two men would become the stuff of legend it began in nineteen sixty three when Hoover secured authorization from attorney general Robert Kennedy to wiretap king this meant bugging his phone his office, and the many hotels he stayed in publicly president John F Kennedy supported the civil rights movement. But this show. Was that the FBI and the Kennedy administration viewed king as a potential threat to national security? They were particularly concerned that communists had infiltrated his ranks and what harness the civil rights movement as a mouthpiece for propaganda. But with the assassination of John F Kennedy and the ascendancy of his vice president Lyndon Johnson, the political landscape changed dramatically in Johnson. King had a direct line to the highest levels of government, though, the intimidating Texan president and the gentle preacher had their disagreements. They shared a common goal the passage of the historic Civil Rights Act their relationship along with kings, criticisms of the FBI's sluggish response to hate crimes presented further threats to Hoover's control never one to back away from a challenge. The grizzled FBI director went on the offensive one day after the Nobel committee announced its intention to. Award. Dr king the peace prize. Hoover took the rare step of holding a press conference in front of the press. He mounted a full throated defense of the bureau's record on civil rights. He said quote in spite of some remarkable success in civil rights cases, some detractors alleged the F B I had nothing to do in this field. And quote, if the assembled journalists thought they were meant to read between the lines Hoover quickly made his point clear he pressed on quote in view of kings, attitude and his continued criticism of the F B I on this point. I consider king to be the most notorious liar in the country, and quote, the shot had been fired. It would be followed by too far more insidious acts of intimidation. The I was an F B I wiretap recording which splice together audio of king having extramarital sex in hotel rooms in an effort to. Discredit king as a moral leader..

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