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Padres had yesterday off. And we'll play the oakland a.'s. Tonight at petco park. It'll be interesting to see where new trade acquisition adam frazier will play if manage as tingler slides at jacob. Cronin worth over two. I and frazier at second. The padres lavon. All all star infield with manatees on the other side The padres lost their last two games in washington so little home cooking. We'll be nice. Which is why. Chris boyer is itching to sing all about it. Like edith bunker. We've been through a wonderful. Let's come out right. Archie was a lucky man. Padres as i pitch seven ten our time in the glass yes indeed reigning olympic champion. Simone biles out of today's team finals because of a medical issue. According to usa gymnastics the daily mail calls it a mental issue and sure enough this open the door for russia or rock aro see the russian oppressive communist olympic committee. Sorry they won gold in the women's team competition. It remains to be seen whether or not byles will be available for the all around final on thursday in the event finals later in the game's individuals in the pool yesterday. Seventeen year old. Lydia jacoby was not the favorite to win the one hundred meter breaststroke in length with a slight lead. And then you've got up there in lane. Three talk skop. Lydia took happy. Got her look of joyous disbelief when she looked up at the result on the video board. It's priceless and yes. She is the first alaskan to win an olympic gold medal but wants dog. Sledding becomes a winter olympic sport. we'll have another klondike where they rush of alaskan gold not really team. Usa currently leads the world with twenty five medals but the host country japan now has the most golds with ten usa in china. Have nine well. That's good thank you. Meanwhile in that ash all my old life. I used to have a lot of funny. He's got all the rushing guy. I loved him because he never thought he had an accent. Like i would make fun of my ex-boyfriends accident. He gave very angry with you on the one that note this russians that the rights language doesn't have the word the in it which is why russians never say the in english like we're watching. Tv wants migos. Fez me remote control. Please psycho it. It's the remote control you've been here twenty years though every once in a while you'd have a job pez me the remote control and i go well. That was perfect. Thank you the.

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