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Minutes from Montrose to lake cook. A crash off on the right side. It's actually in the ditch coming inbound fifty two minutes from lake cook to the Kennedy junction and a heavy spur both directions. The outbound. Kennedy a half hour Montrose twenty in the Fifty-three to the airport coming in about an hour. Ten from O'Hare to downtown forty five off the junction, I ninety eastbound solid from. Coleman to the tri-state. The outbound. Eisenhower forty five from downtown to Mannheim one hour to three ninety also in our coming in from route three ninety and forty five minutes from Mannheim. The outbound Stevenson an hour seven of the tri-state our twenty five to three fifty five. Inbound fifty seven from the veterans tollway forty two and for the tri-state fifty five southbound the exit ramp to arsenal blocked off the road or semi at the bottom of the ramp. The Dan Ryan out fifty five long minutes from downtown the ninety fifth as roadwork takes out a left lane at eighty seventh coming inbound twenty five minutes. No Fifty-seven delays in the fort looks pretty good. Make sure drive northbound heavy from grand park. Most of the way to Chicago and past foster to Hollywood southbound on the brakes, four, tennis, Chicago and forty seven to fifty seventh. Chris Opperman on the tollway. Spothero. Eighty try status. Heavy central down Irving park tonight, the hints racist LaGrange road to the second street toll plaza northbound eighty eight to the app onto ninety ramp north avenue moral lake cooked before Duffy a report of a crash kind of in there somewhere. Keep your eyes open then around half day. Never wrote a before one seventy six ninety westbound fifty three to Roselle eastbound on ramp fifty three and before the tri-state to the Kennedy eight west heavy off the tri-state eighty three d actually Washington past fifty nine eastbound from fifty three to three fifty five past Eighty-three to the southbound tristate rampant from the tri-state to the merge. Fifty three and three fifty five. Southbound heavy Palatine Higgins before Easter fields the seventy fifth. There are some holes in that though northbound around family before Higgins to Palestine and in a lake or three ninety it's been good all day. Chris Hubbard mill spothero mobile seven hundred serious crash with a trap and taking out all the lanes of buffalo grove southbound Milwaukee between Deerfield and lake cook traffic sponsored by the Berman auto express store. The new Berman auto express stores the expressway to buy your next used car. One hundred percent online just like you're used vehicle get instant upfront pricing, and they'll deliver it right to your doorstep with all the paperwork ready to sign. See over five hundred vehicles that Berman.

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