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To be back and get me talking baseball mike ruko here on the houma gasline good morning mike yeah now rosa wow there's no shortage at talking points nine lord and we should probably start with the big boy very was the news came down saturday morning that pablo sand of all was getting called up in in the line came out and he was hitting four thurbers i want now and talk about throwing them right in right so mike let's just get your reaction takes us back to saturday morning afternoon when you got the news apollo is up and hitting fourth where you we shot we were you surprised did you find yourself feeling something different than you may be thought you were going to feel no i was curious hour out cures meet union could numbers komo took lawyers tooley if you're you're the ball art you know i mean after would you'd gone through on this look broken blur and you got to rebuild this car culprits co or order to recuperate and you know we could get on the field all indicated sugar sweetened weighed her tara started rate ordered delivers third today minute game were they put the absolutely not as a pancake predicted a drop of seven and then little alerting the did you get the double it was worried that it and how he did it and to you that's what would ever go all no discourage which got it better than anybody of oil every period been let's go swimming he goes down and get the third quarter you're getting looked at it and he broke their thing to gap now that's a band of special right there and it also perc double in olmert over a decade not say it was an out of energy little exactly what girl autry restart because your energy is all about energy we need it and you gave it to them i thought it hoping respert cool look he got a narrow there were a boot he got announced began some really makes sure the error ann arbor british they could really and unwanted swing it about you brought it but it backers say pitcher per cool i agree it was a it was a weird day and it was wild to see emmys definitely thinner for sure and then his first couple of bats in the air at but boy that double like they were dead in.

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