Ari Fleischer, President George W Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush discussed on Sean Hannity


Fleischer is with us remembering George Herbert Walker Bush. Have you spoken to the Bush family or anybody forty-three? I haven't I was with former President George W Bush about two months ago. And I was it's interesting because I asked him how his dad was doing. He didn't give a direct answer. The question about his mom and her desk, Matt, but I have not spoken to him since. Yeah. Well, it's he's getting the treatment that he deserves. And I know that the president is expected I guess tonight. I think there my our to actually go over to the capitol rotunda where he will pay his respects. I'm sure the first lady will be with them, Ari Fleischer. Thanks so much for being with us. We appreciate it. And listen, I don't see you have a great Holiday Inn Wilson talks same to use on all the best. All right. Eight hundred nine four one Sean toll-free telephone number. You wanna be a part of the program. Why is Coney's lawyers now putting out legal challenges to squash congressional subpoenas is James Komi in any legal jeopardy. We'll get into that David shown Greg Jarrett, and we'll get a lot of your calls, and I'm going to get back to my Santa bad. Teachers. Story, which is so outrageous. It makes my blood boil how do you tell kids at five years old? Oh, that Santa Claus doesn't exist. None of that's true. What is wrong with people? Quick break right back. We'll continue. Missile kills. It is taken lives destroyed families and ruined.

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