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Ended. On the next episode will find out exactly what happened the night. Fanny was murdered will also examine the events in the week that followed when a second person in this Royal love triangle will die. Thanks again for tuning into unsolved murders. We'll be back next Tuesday with part two of the murder fanny to Schwab's Al prolong you can find more episodes of unsolved murders as well. As all of our casts other podcasts on apple podcasts. Spotify Stitcher, Google play or your favorite podcast directory. Several of you have asked how to help us if you enjoy the show the best way to help us is to leave a five star review. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at park cast network. We'll see next time if we live till next time. Unsolved murders. True crime stories was created by max Cutler in developed by Ron cover. It is a production of Cutler media, and is part of the par cast network. It is produced by Maxon Ron Cutler sound design by Kenny Hobbs with production assistance by Ron Shapiro and Paul Moller additional production assistance by Maggie admire and Carly Madden unsolved murders as written by Terry Salou key and stars Carter, ROY and windy MacKenzie. The amazing cast of voice actors includes by alphabetical order, Mike Kaposi, Jerry, Courtney, Austin, Kimberley, Holland and Steve Pinto. Before he was a US Representative before he was a Senator John McCain was a hostage. He would endure malnutrition, beatings and torture. Here's the story of his captivity on hostage. Search and subscribe to hostage wherever you listen to podcasts and don't forget to rate and review.

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